Classroom Donations


    The budget our school gets from the district and funds from the PTSA do not cover the cost of all the supplies teachers need to teach our students and maintain a healthy classroom. It is up to parents to fill in the gap. There are several ways that you can help, and as long as the supplies are not earmarked for your student’s use only, they are eligible to be tax deductible donations (just keep your receipts).  Below we recommend ways you can get supplies directly to your student’s teachers.  See other pages (Other Fundraising/ Donations , Student Activities Fund, and Investing for Academic Excellence) for additional ways you can help support ECHS teachers, the library and College/Career Center, and student activities.

    Get Needed Supplies to Your Student’s Teachers

    The PTSA has suspended its Classroom Supply Order Program for now.  We will see if there is a need to run it for second semester.  For parents who want to donate supplies, these are the types of things that teachers can always use to supplement what the school can provide.  However, we encourage you contact your student’s teachers directly to find out what is on their personal classroom wish list before making large purchases.

    • Low odor chisel-tip dry erase markers
    • Colored and white copy paper
    • Kleenex (family-size boxes)
    • Large rolls of paper towels and containers of Clorox/Lysol-type wipes (especially needed for science, art, shop, photography, and special ed classes)
    • Healthy snacks (e.g., granola bars) for students who need some quick calories to make it through class

    2) Write a check or money order made out to El Cerrito High School earmarking funds for the teacher by putting his/her name in the Memo section.  This can be given to the teacher or dropped off/sent to the main office attn.: Principal.  Include a note or Donation Form (download below) with your name and your student’s name so the school knows who made the donation.  Make a copy of this and the check for your records if you need documentation for tax purposes. This is probably the best way to go to donate funds to cover the cost of art, photography, drama, and other classes that require special materials because it enables the teacher to buy materials as needed and then get reimbursed from the money deposited in the school account for that purpose.  You can also write a check to the Principal’s Discretionary Fund to use as he sees fit. The check or cash can be turned in directly to the teacher or at the school office, preferably along with). The PTSA and Student Activities Fund (SAF) are not involved with collection of funds earmarked for specific teachers.

    3) Give teachers gift cards — many times they can pick up the supplies they need from Target, Staples, Office Depot, or, but it’s always best to ask in advance if there is another vendor they prefer to buy from or whether a check to their school account is preferred.

    4) ECHS Wishlist – To find out what additional supplies teachers, the Career Center, library, and other school staff would like donated, consult the ECHS Wish List  or contact teachers directly. When you donate, email the teacher to let them know and please “cc” us at so we can keep the list up to date.  This program is run through the PTSA.

    5) El Cerrito High donorschoose projects Many teachers list higher cost items such as electronic equipment with, which matches teacher needs with business and individual donors.  To donate, go to:

    Thanks for your support of our teaching staff!  Go Gaucho Community!

    For more information, contact the ECHS Wishlist ( or PTSA ( or leave a message for us at the school’s main number (510) 231-1437.Click here for Donation Form


    Download ECHS Monetary Donation Form