• The Pinole Middle School Compact

    It is our belief that student achievement will improve and/or accelerate as a result of our cooperative efforts to support this compact. A three-way partnership with one goal in mind, academic success, is the push behind this compact. It is vital that each person assume his or her responsibilies.

    School Responsibilities

    • Provide quality teaching and leadership
    • Assign homework as stated in the District Basic Commitment
    • Coordinate with other departments to make sure nightly assignment do not exceed time limits.
    • Give corrective feedback on homework and classroom assignments
    • Recognize that students are accountable for every assignment
    • Check that homework has been completed and the planner has been signed by the parent/guardian
    • Respect cultural, racial, and ethnic differences
    • Attend parent conferences as scheduled
    • Communicate with parents via telephone calls, planners, conferences as needed
    • Inform parents of student’s progress every 5 weeks in the school mailers of “Progress Reports” and “Report Cards”.
    • Respectfully and accurately inform parents of their child’s progress

    Created 2006

    Parent Responsibilities

    • Provide a quiet place to do homework
    • Set aside a specific time to do homework
    • Look over and assist with homework assignments to check for understanding.
    • Review and sign off (if required) in your son/daughter’s planner daily
    • Sign and return all papers that require a parent’s or guardian’s signature
    • Get your son or daughter to school on time
    • Require regular school attendance
    • Attend parent-teacher conferences
    • Take a part in getting involved in the school environment (Volunteer, School Site Councils, PTSA, Open House, etc.)
    • Maintain and foster high standards of academic achievement and positive behavior
    • Call your son or daughter’s counselor to check on their progress
    • If a parent has a concern, he or she will follow the proper school procedure to address their concern
    • Modeling appropriate adult behavior at all times on campus
    • Parents will monitor their son/daughter for appropriate school attire.

    Created 2006

    Student Responsibilities

    • Work hard to do my best in class and complete my homework
    • Ask the teacher any questions about the homework
    • Write the homework assignment down in my planner daily
    • Return homework on time and if I am absent it is my responsibility to get the work I missed
    • Comply with all school rules
    • Have a positive attitude towards self, others, school, and learning
    • Attend school regularly
    • Respect the cultural differences or other students, their families, and staff
    • Get to classes on time
    • Work to resolve conflicts in positive, nonviolent ways.
    • Respect the personal rights and property of others

    Created 2006