Pinole Middle School is planning to become a Middle Year Programme International Baccalaureate by 2023-2024. Part of the process is to adopt a new Vision & Mission Statement for the school which has been adopted in the fall of 2021. 

    New Vision Statement: Pinole Middle School is a safe, welcoming, engaging, and inclusive environment for students, faculty, and families. We strive to ensure educational equity and close the opportunity gap by developing an interdisciplinary, inquiry-based learning model which fosters students to become self-directed, compassionate, life-long learners who understand that their local actions can lead to global change.

    New Mission Statement: Pinole Middle School provides every student the equal opportunity to become a contributing global citizen in today’s technology-based world. Students become leaders who rethink the status quo and help create a more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.  Students celebrate diversity, embrace their strengths, and develop new skills to become problem solvers capable of improving our world.