• Student Clubs


    At Pinole Middle School, we believe that student clubs are an integral part of an enriching school experience.  

    The well-educated person is a well-rounded person, and student activities are an extension of a sound educational program. Activities like clubs provide an opportunity for teamwork, leadership skills, social skills, self-discipline, self-confidence and hard work that cannot be achieved in the academic mission of the school alone. Pinole Middle wants to provide an opportunity for this kind of growth in the variety of clubs that we offer our students. 


    Our student clubs are student-driven.  Students draw up their club constitution and determine their club direction and activities, with oversight from the Teacher Advisor.  All activities are school-appropriate.


    Club sign-ups are on-going, and are open to all students.  Visit this site periodically for an updated list of clubs.


    Clubs meet during the lunch hour.