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    Introduction to counseling department:

    • Students are divided up by grade level (7th and 8th), however both counselors help each other out as needed.
      • Both counselors provide academic (i.e. schedule changes and counseling around failing grades), social/emotional (i.e. individual or small group counseling), and college and career counseling.
    • Both also facilitate restorative justice circles when conflicts arise between students or students and staff.
      • The 7th grade counselor makes sure that students are ready for middle school and the 8th grade counselor makes sure that students are ready for high school and understand the importance of grades when it comes to getting ready for college.
    • SST (Student Support Team) meetings are another thing that both counselors facilitate for their respective grade level.
      • SST meetings are held for academic and/or behavioral concerns. The people who attend the meetings are: the grade level counselor, the student, the parent/guardian, the student’s teachers, the psychologist (if testing is being discussed), an administrator, if available, a therapist, if the student is working with one, and any other adult that is working with the student.
      • The meeting is an opportunity to discuss academic strengths as well as concerns. During the meeting, a plan is put in place to help the student succeed in school. Also, a follow-up date is scheduled if needed.

    Student Art

    Areas of Counseling Support

    • Academic
    • Social/Emotional
    • College and Career


    • Goal-setting and progress-tracking
    • Time management, study skills and classroom skills
    • Dealing with stress and anxiety
    • Communication/social skills
    • Community-building circles, conflict resolution/restorative circles and restorative projects
    • Prevention and intervention
    • Positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS)


    Office Hours: 9:00am – 3:00pm Monday through Friday


    Caroline Cruger-Hansen – 8th grade counselor

        E-mail: ccruger-hansen@wccusd.net

        Cell: 510-859-7847 (best way to reach me)

        School Office: 510-231-1430 Extension 25091

    8th Grade Counselor