• Prevention:
    -Call out language when used inappropriately. Keep it objective. "Be mindful of your language please." "We don't use those words here", "Find a better way to say what you mean please", "No racial slurs in our space". Be consistent and vigilant on calling it out. Our students appreciate it and so do our staff.
    -Students should keep their social media private.
    -Students receiving messages online that are harassment, have them screen shot it for evidence.
    -Be wary of, "he said, she said...", if it is not a direct message, students do not know if it is real. Students often want to believe that second hand slights are real. This is an opportunity to discuss de-escalation techniques with students. 
    -Counsel students to not engage or reply, if they do, they can also be held liable.
    -Expectations for anti-bullying and words used must be posted in your classrooms and reviewed periodically or referred to.
    Counseling on Site:
    -Refer to our Anonymous Bully Reporting Form - it's on the front page of our website and any person can fill it out, the paper copy is attached too
    -Refer to our conflict mediation form on our website
    -Cyber-Bullying posters are being put up around the school discussing prevention (see attachment)
    -We have Catholic Charities that are working on interventions with classrooms and academies
    -Bay Area Peace Keepers deal with conflict mediation
    -CIS (Health Center) takes referrals (located near teacher sign-ins) for counseling of students with issues, we also have groups (see attachments)
    -Hatcher and the front office has COST referrals - these are to create plans for students with outside behavioral issues (hygiene, family needs them to work, homelessness, etc)
    Following up on social media bullying or bullying in general can be challenging. Questions that come up during an investigation may include:
    -Do you have a screen shot or evidence of bullying?
    -Did anyone hear this that could be objective? (Teacher, another student, another adult) We attempt to get statements from them.
    -Did you respond? How did you respond? Are parents aware?
    -All staff members are responsible for reporting. If you hear something, please say something.
    -All teachers are encouraged to call home if they see unusual behavior. If we share this responsibility it will help with our communication to parents. Our parents want to know what is happening to their students at school. 
    -All staff are mandated reporters, please remember that if you hear or see something, you have to report it through CPS forms.
    -If you hear or see something, report it Immediately! Make sure to inform administration with as much details as possible anytime an incident occurs or a CPS report is filed.