Textbook distribution happens beginning Monday August 26

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     Inside Pinole Valley-August 26-30, 2019

    Monday, August 26

    • First Regular Monday of the Year
    • Textbook distribution begins today
    • Mandatory meeting for Club sponsors/Club Day in C304
    • Town Hall meeting tonight in our small gym for Congressman Mike Thompson, all are invited
    • Faculty meeting for September (yes, we know it is August)
    • Tutoring begins today in the Cafeteria (soon to the library)
    • Work Experience now open for business, Monday—Thursday from 9:00—Lunch time see Ms. Saechao
    • Band practice on the field tonight
    • Sign up for the Congressional App contest today

    Tuesday, August 27

    • Textbook Distribution continues
    • Tutoring Begins next week in the Library after school
    • First Varsity game of 2019—girls volleyball at Richmond High, go Spartans!
    • Cheer Practice today after school
    • Next week—Dance begins in the Dance room!
    • Request to change forms submitted to counselors all this week
    • Student Leadership Council forming, see Ms. Marroquin for details.
    • African American Student Union will have its meetings on at lunch on Tuesdays
    • Are you remembering to wear your ID every day?  Consider yourself reminded.

    Wednesday August 28

    • Collaboration Day Schedule.  Safety plans
    • Freshmen class meetings all day today through PE class
    • Tutoring immediately after school 2:15 in the Cafeteria
    • District Williams visit—check us out!
    • ASL tutoring available in room C203 at lunch, Indo-Pak coming soon
    • Girls Volleyball at Hercules
    • Senior Boat Cruise tickets on sale today
    • Fresh fruit daily, thanks Health Center
    • Go to the cashier as needed only before school and at lunch time.  Spartan swag there too!

    Thursday, August 29

    • First Home game in our New Gym—go Volleyball girls vs. DeAnza
    • Car Club meeting today, with Mr. DeVance
    • Staff Choir first meeting today with Mr. Lim in the Choir Room A 206 at lunch
    • You are picking up after yourself, right?  Love the new school smell! Tomorrow wear your BLUE and GOLD
    • Cheer Practice 5:30-7:30 p.m.  And big performances tomorrow night

    Friday, August 30

    • Rally Day Schedule—our first Gym rally in six years.  See you and hear you period 4.
    • Club sign ups at lunch—see you in the little gym
    • Football Friday—Spartans host Benicia High.  JV at 4:30 and Varsity at 7:00
    • Cheer, Band, and Food!
    • Blue and Gold Day
    • Go to Spartan Ink and see what news made the news this week!
    • Next week we talk parking spaces for students and class meetings for Seniors
    PVHS 2017
    PVHS 2019?


     Pinole Valley High School’s vision is to become recognized as a California distinguished school.  We will become a vital part of our community—a school that serves our city by sharing our work and talents while utilizing the city and its resources to best serve our students.


    Pinole Valley High School strives to prepare its graduates to succeed in both the academic and professional worlds.  Our high-quality, challenging academic programs enable students to develop the cognitive, emotional, social, and behavioral skills necessary to become both lifelong learners and engaged, responsible, respectful participants in our diverse local and global communities.

District Highlights

  •  Thanks to Earl Combs photographer of Pinole Valley August 2019
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