• Quarter Ends Wednesday

    The first quarter is coming to an end. There is still time to get your work in, and earn your eligibility for Honor Roll and second quarter sports participation. There is also the need for teachers to mark report cards, which is why it is a minimum day. We start everyone at school at the regular time (A period starts a bit later at 7:43) but we have no late start and no collaboration. And we need everyone here until school lets out at 1:54 p.m. Back to regular next week, so thanks for your attention to our special Wednesday schedule.

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  • Artist of the Day: Trinity Kham

    Trinity’s craftsmanship is the focus . The armature for her 3 headed elephant is interesting to look at from all angles and is balanced and sturdy. She combines the Dia de Los Muertos tradition of alebrijes ( meant to represent soul guides) and her own background from Laos. The 3 headed elephant represents the 3 small kingdoms: Vientiane, Luangprabang, and Champasak. The mashup between our various cultures makes our Day of the Dead celebrations even more fun. You will have a chance to see it all on November 2 in the lobby of our theater as we put on a multi media extravaganza with music, art and elephants!

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  • Alicya Estrada takes 1st team and earns North Coast Bid

    It’s Alicya Estrada’s world, we are just living in it, the Spartan freshmen finished in second place in the TCAL golf tournament yesterday, first team all league and has earned a spot in the prestigious North Coast Championship for next week in Vallejo. A one girl team! We are Spartan proud! The boys tee off in the Spring and it has been over a decade since Pinole Valley has had a female golfer compete not to mention dominate, with the standout performance, Alicya has gone where few have before and earning a place in NCS represents a high water mark for all athletes. What a great story, and it isn't done being told

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  • IB Time

    IB Students! End-of-course exam registration opens up this week and closes on November 8th. Ms. Dibble, the IB Coordinator, or your teacher will help you register via a Google Form soon. Here's your International Baccalaureate Detail of the Day: The International Baccalaureate® (IB), and the Diploma Programme (DP) in particular, enjoys a high level of respect and recognition among the world’s higher education institutions. For students, success in the IB often results in advanced standing, course credit, scholarships, and other admissions related benefits at many universities. There's a 532 page list (!) of some of the colleges and universities world-wide that are looking for you!

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  • School Bus Pass News you can Use

    Free Bus Passes High School students who are part of the Free and Reduced Lunch Program can apply for the Student Bus Pass Program (SBPP) to receive a FREE monthly AC Transit Youth Pass OR a WestCAT ticket (good for 31 days). New applicants will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. To complete the application visit the website below or scan the QR: https://bit.ly/sbppeng2122 If you have already been accepted to the program then a letter was emailed to you and/or your parents or guardians on 10/15/21. Bus passes for October can be picked up from Ms. Casey in the Health Center directly after school or during Collaboration on Wednesday Morning next week (10/18 - 10/22). For more information about the program visit: https://www.wccusd.net/Page/15742

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  • Artist of the Day: Vinson Duong

    Vinson Duong got this moody photo of his sister by shining light through a bottle of mouthwash in a darkened room. Here he is in his own words: On the first photo I used a bag of water to give a wavy water effect on the light . The second photo I used a sprite soda bottle to give off a faded green color on the light to the face. On the third photo I used a close up shot to show the effects of a spaghetti strainer and had a hole and line effect. For the fourth photo a toilet paper roll was used to have a hole effect on the face. Lastly picture it shows that I used a mouth wash to give a greenish cyan type color light beaming to the face

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  • It's all Fun and Games

    Big day in Spartan sports, the first place water polo girls put their lead on the line today at CCC Girls tennis goes on the road to take on the Oilers X country leaves early for Berkeley and Ceasar Chavez Park for its meet Girls volleyball hosts Albany in first round playoff action tomorrow night here in the big gym Football Saturday, the boys take on Kennedy at Hercules, 11 a.m. JV and 1 p.m. Varsity All winter sports, boys soccer, girls soccer, boys basketball, girls basketball and wrestling get to start November 1, make sure your grades are good and you can wear the Blue and Gold

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  • CSF and NHS honor Honor Students

    CSF applications in the morning announcements? Students who received no D's or F's (and no Pass/No Pass marks) on their Semester 2 2021 report card may qualify for CSF. The application period runs from Monday October 18 to Friday November 12. Students can see Mr. Frattini to get an application in D206 before school, during lunch, and after school. And for those in the National Honor Society, we have breaking news as well-- We have a new NHS officers: Emily Gonzalez president, Nicole Bravo vice president, Alan Aguilar treasurer and Annabel Munoz secretary There will be an officers' meeting this Friday, at lunch in room C202

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  • Artist of the Day: Lazario Lopez

    From Mr. Pinto's photography class came this classic The goal is to get students thinking about how shadow and light work together to create a dramatic image. Students were asked to experiment with a colander outside at different times of the day and observe the shadow effects. They were also asked to experiment with different forms of artificial light inside.Lazario took several shots of his father until he got this one just right with a cool pattern on the head. thanks Dad!

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  • Artist of the Day: Maria Trujillo

    Maria Trujillo: Maria included an Art History lesson in her piece. The left , logical side of the brain is filled with homework and math formulas. The right creative side has works of art . Maria displays excellent craftsmanship as well as thoughtfulness. She included the 3D elements like the flowers and scattered them in the most eye pleasing way. Check out all of the classical art that she included while making this, it's like she created many mini-masterpieces while making her own. Looking forward to more great art from Maria and from Ms. Tremor's students.

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