• Every day is Earth Day for the Spartan Earth Team

    Check out the slide show from our award winning Earth Team. The Pinole Valley crew is out there weekly working on our natural habitat and have planted over two dozen native species to help regrow and protect the earth. The slide show includes tips about ways you can help yourself while helping the planet and some ways that you can do more. Our favorite--keeping a journal, writing or sketching the world around you. Just doing so will help you better connect. Today we also have an Environmental scholarship opportunity and are going to do our part to make Pinole Valley, blue and gold--green!

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  • Artist of the Day: Andres Cardona

    Andres Cardona is making a return visit here and this time with a great animation. Andres did a great job showing his personality in both the drawing and in the way the .Gif changes. .Gifs are not meant to tell long stories. Our students are doing a grerat job making the "medium" work for them and still , telling their story. Click above to our headline and you will see the whole story. This unit is a new one for our artists as they continue to find ways to bring their stories to life.

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  • Spirit Day: Pet Time

    A great dog or cat deserves a great human. We celebrate our furry and fuzzy friends yesterday and share their images on our Instagram page. We count stuffed animals as completely acceptable too for this week. Today it is What are You Cooking? And we are asking you to share your concoction so that we can all enjoy your creation virtually. The spirit week wraps up tomorrow, Friday with a comic book battle between Marvel and DC. We figure everyone is a winner on that!

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  • Spirit Week Continues

    Every spirit day brings something special and Cartoon day on Tuesday was no exception to the rule. The Spartan crew got animated for its big day and pictured you can see some of them right here in life! Today is Pet Day and we don't want to limit the fun to those who have a dog or cat (and we certainly want to see those!) If you have an exotic animal friend or even a stuffed one, send the picture in to Pinole Spartans Instagram page so we can share the awwwsomeness.

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  • Spartan Tennis Sweeps Salesian, Golf beats St. Mary's

    Great day for Spartan spring sports, both of whom start the season at a perfect 1-0. The tennis boys swept Salesian. Julian Jenkins and Kokayi Mayfield won in both singles and doubles which started the rout and was highlighted by Rashid Gurung, Erick Barreras and the team of Andrew Uch and Angel Valencia finishing off their opponents. In golf, Tyler Momono shot a team best 39, and the Blue and Gold knocked off St. Mary's yesterday to debut at 1-0, the golfers go back to back against El Cerrito starting tomorrow. Girls basketball starts its season tonight and Wrestling is looking for a few more participants, if you weigh in at 150 or less--have we got the sport for you!

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  • Artist of the Day: Yamna Ahmadi

    You've seen this wonderful work before, now you can see that it is an award winner. Yamna continues to win honors and recognition from her work in Ms. Shokrai's class and this was a District award, the highest offered at the 55th annual Richmond Art Show. We celebrate Yamna's significant accomplishment and know that this may not be the last recognition that this particular piece, reminiscent of Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring may receive. We are Spartan proud of you, Yamna!

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  • Artist of the Day: Amanda Henriquez Rivera

    Amanda with the help of a pair of great apps has created a picture for the ages. It is originally taken from an iphone and then added to by something called picsart. You can see that Amanda didn't just stop and settle for just any shot but instead got an iconic look a thte Golden Gate Bridge and made it something amazing. Picsart is described as a photo and video editing app with tools to add filters and various effects, with social network integration. The app is free to use and our students are finding ways to bring great images to new life. We know that Mr. Pinto's class is finding new ways to bring the world to life and this is one that captures a familiar image in a totally unique way

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  • Top of the Week for Spartan Spirit

    This is the way to start April Spirit! We have a lot of great looks, and if you go to our Pinole Spartan instagram page or email us we can feature you too. Today is Cartoon day which is going to test your creativity and imagination. Then send in your look to us and you could be featured tomorrow here on our website. The next few days will give you a chance to share a pet picture and your best culinary creation. Something for all the senses this week!

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  • Junior Achievement Law and Justice Workshop

    Pinole Valley partners with Junior Achievement in the fields of both Law and Health. The next two Wednesdays feature some great job shadowing and the opportunity for students to be given some face time with industry professionals. This week, it is a Law summit where students will get the chance to talk with and hear from those in law enforcement, the courtroom and both mental health and community based organizations. There is a link to register which we will include in the header above. Next week it will be an exploration of the health industries, we would love to have your input and questions

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  • Artist of the Day: Heather Mauricio

    Students are creating a project that tells a story about their life. One of the requirements is to animate a self portrait. Heather did a full body picture and did a great job showing her personality. Even without the animation this would be a fun image, but Ms Tremor's students are going to the next level by adding subtle and distinctive animations to their creations. Click above to the title of this information box to see this come to life. We are going to be featuring more moving art later this week. Wink back!

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