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  • Spartan students promote commemoration day

    The Pinole Valley forensics team takes its talent for oratory and passion for justice to the Pinole City Council on Tuesday night at the council chambers. The resolution to create an Indigenous Peoples Day is one that they have carried to the District and now bring to our home town. The resolution is designed to build the case that it is only just to recognize the primacy and importance of our Native American past--the last paragraph makes clear the goal--NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT the City of Pinole hereby and henceforth recognizes the second Monday of October as Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

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  • Student Art on Display (and winning!) at the County Fair

    Starting mid-June you can still experience Pinole Valley art. But now you will be able to have your gallery experience while wolfing down a corn dog! Ava Grijalva is one of the artists being featured and we got an early notification that she is one of the prize winners with this beautiful picture of the baseball field in San Francisco, which earned her a ribbon and cash prize! There will be on site and virtual art pieces on display throughout the last few weeks of June, which will make going to the Fair a win-win for everyone

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  • Final Exams kick off last week of School

    We are getting ready for our last big academic challenge of the 2023 school year, Final Exams. Monday and Tuesday are in block format to allow students maximum time to prepare for their final big assessment, projects and summaries. We will be testing in A periods both days, and in the odd numbered classes on Monday, then the even numbered periods on Tuesday. After that, we have our collaboration Wednesday and the last full day of the school year on Thursday. Friday is a noon dismissal and after that, it is summer and a time to reflect on a year with so much to think back on.

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  • Congratulations Graduates

    The leadoff to the West Contra Costa Unified School District season of graduations started on Friday night with the best--Pinole Valley! We heard speeches from Julian Jenkins, Nadine Tendean, and Imani Johnson, performances by the band, singer Elana Ignacio finishing up "Rise Up" even after her microphone stopped working. We heard from our school board representative and enjoyed a beautiful night and ceremony, our first on our home field in years. Congratulations go out to 2023, a class of so many firsts, now the latest to leave us for greater things.

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  • Graduation Day

    Today isthe day and Pinole Valley is the place for the first graduation in the 2023 season. The Spartans return to our home field for the first time in decades to honor the very first class to enter the new Pinole Valley High School as members of the class of 2023. The ceremony begins after a big day of graduation practice, walk out rally and then the opening of our field to the communty, here to celebrate one of the most accomplished classes in school history. We are thrilled to be able to say congratulations and watch out world, to the newly minted diploma bearing young men and women who made up a class none of us will soon forget

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  • Music makes everything better

    It's a little bit of everything to wrap up the season for big music shows for Pinole Valley 2023. We are honored to welcome to the Dave Clark Theater space a slew of tuneful celebrations. We start the show with the Piano players, followed by some solo numbers followed by the whole choir in song. After that, we will welcome the dance troupes to the stage. Expect to see the amazing work put in put forth for your enjoyment. Congrats to Mr. Lim and Ms. Libby and all the adults who helped to put this together.

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  • Final Exams for Final Week of School

    It is the big finish for the classes of '24, '25, '26. We take final exams on block schedule starting Monday and contuining through Tuesday before wrapping up the school year. Students will have 100 minute periods both days to do final exams, assessments, projects or a culminating activity. We are excited to have you see yourself, how much you have learned, and then how you can apply that knowledge. Hoping that you study and stay confident as you take on the last big academic endeavor of the year.

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  • Make Mine Music

    This Wednesday, the Big Theater is the place to be to see the Spartan band put on its last big show. See the Pinole Middle band and the Stewart bands, that will soon become the high school musicians. The Pinole Valley jazz band, concert band and symphonic bands will be on display and would love to have you here to see them. The next night we finish our musical year with a show featuring dance, piano and the fabulous choir. Don't miss a single note! We are getting ready for next year and looking for a new director of Bands and if possible a candidate who can spend time at Stewart School to coordinate the entire program. If you want to send the word out to the community, let them know, we are ready to start a new tradition for Fall 2023

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  • Health Academy trains the Next Generation

    The students who are graduating from Health Academy this year are doing their Senior Defense work this week. They are problem-solution oriented and focus on what can and should be done to create a healthier society. Lots of guests have served as panelists and provided feedback on both ideas and presentation. Great culminating project for the class of 2023. While that is happening, the junior class is hard at work learning the basics of life saving, which we hope they never have to learn, but oh so grateful that they have the training. The CPR work is being done under the supervision of the academy leaders, who in turn then will send some of our crew to future events, so they can be there to provide help and support if trouble does find them. More and better health for everyone in the years ahead!

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  • Baseball Begins Playoff Push

    Spartan swingers got their bats going and earned a spot into the Tri County Athletic League semifinals. The Spartans advance to a road game at El Cerrito Tuesday. Meanwhile it is a day of North Coast quality around the school--Track goes for the NCS while the tennis team takes its doubles team to Union City, the swim team competes in Concord with its relay members and badminton and softball warm up for their regional title next week. And for those who miss their sports, both boys basketball and girls volleyball start open gym later next week

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