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       Your one stop Information Center for IB at PV begins here. Link to our coordinator Ms. Dibble
  • Artist of the Day: Alyssa Keller

    Mr. Pinto's photography class is working on Reflections. But you can see that it is something beyond just following instructions that gets at the art of the photo. Here Alyssa Keller took this amazing shot of a skateboarder by getting the camera low and focusing on the reflection.. There are additional Alyssa photos in our daily announcements and more great images from our class that you will see (twice in some cases) later this week

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  • Spirited College Wear--today Jerseys!

    Every day this week, is a Spirit Day. Wednesday was College Day and our Leadership team has put out a map showing who we represent. Of course, we cheer every student who makes the decision to continue their learning after high school, which is saying there is no bad shirt of hoodie on display across Spartan Nation. We are hoping for an even better turnout today, Thursday to honor Jersey Day. You can wear something from the home team or an away gamer if you like. Then take your picture and send it to us via email katherine.marroquin@wccusd.net or to our Pinole Spartan Instagram page. No matter who you root for, when we see your face these days, that is a win. We will distribute a gift card to our most spirited later this month. That gives you incentive as well as time to finish this week strong.

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  • Parent Night Thursday (virtual check in)

    Click the title above for our live link. Looking forward to doing a quick check in with our Spartan families Thursday night.  We will be checking in with Senior families from 6:00-6:30 p.m., then we will zoom in with our Juniors from 6:30-7:00 p.m.  After that it is the Sophomore families, and we invite you to use the link above for our half hour session from 7:00-7:30.  Then it is for sure last but not least as we greet the Freshmen families from 7:30-8:00 p.m.   Expect time to ask questions as well, and we will record and have the videos available for any who cannot attend,  Thanks for being such patient families and sharing your students with us, here is the link if you can't find it https://us02web.zoom.us/s/87672113175?pwd=SU9jVEN1aTNhRDR6Q05tcHNtMmN3QT09#success

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  • Write On!

    Starting Thursday the District hopes that you and your classmates will be a part of our Writing cadre. It will be a weekly event from 4:00-5:00 and we can't wait to hear what you say. While you wait, we would love to have you help us on the school newspaper, Spartan Ink or the school literary magazine. There are so many forums, not to mention our Poetry contests that we have been promoting on the daily announcements. If you are a creative writer, considering the world around you, this is the time to create!

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  • Spirit Days: Crocs Tuesday, College Today

    We love dressing up in Spartan Spirit. Yesterday was the perfect weather to break out the Crocs, and any day is a good one for college spirit. Our school is showing off our sis boom bah by wearing what we represent or where we are going. The college day gear should be sent to our PinoleSpartans instagram page or by emailing our Leadership teacher so that you can be featured on our daily announcements in time for Thursday and Jersey Day. Ok, time to dig deeper in the closet for that.

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  • Artist of the Day: Monte Pare

    Monte is an Advanced Placement level artist and here is his work, Iron Lung wanted to convey the darker and less enjoyable side of living a 21st century life, focusing on several of the negative aspects, such as issues of a loss of individuality, the dark underbelly of our government, and the heavy reliance of technology. Although some issues may not be unique to the 21st century, it still very much effects it and the culmination of everything creates an medley characterized by paranoia, anger, discontent, and corruption. There is a sense of narrative progression through each piece, from part 1 to part 3. “Iron Lung (part 1)” depicts a figure with a disfigured appearance inside an “iron lung.” This is the start of a process. You can see the figure’s jaw is beginning to turn a greyish color.. Powerful stuff.

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  • New Semester Starts Today

    Ironically of course, we are starting today with homeroom, then periods 4,5,6. We are thrilled to be at the halfway point and want to remind you that this week we are hosts of the Job Fair for West Contra Costa at 5 p.m. Then we have a parent re-orientation night happening on Thursday evening. Seniors 6-630, Juniors 630-7, Sophomores 7-730, Freshmen 730-8. And with all of this, we know that some students are going to be requiring Class Change requests, for those reach out to your counselors. And if you need new books, to our textbook clerk, Ms. Jackson who will see folk by appointment

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  • Spirit Week Starts at the Bottom Today

    We are spirited to start the second semester in Style. We are doing a dress up day each day this week. Today it is Croc day. Wear your best open toed shoe (we even knew it was going to be warm today) and snap a picture, then send it to us at Instagram @pinolespartans. Tomorrow we are putting on our college wear, then Thursday our athletic support shirts, Friday it is Squad day and find a group of pals to show you are in sync and in spirit

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  • Artist of the Day: Elle Bahena

    Elle did a fabulous job creating a foreground, middleground, and background. I liked how she isolated and brought out individual strands of grass, this makes your eye travel through the piece. Elle was spot on in making the artistic decision to make the "back" leg and arm the olive green color, it carves out the silhouette into a recognizable form.

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  • Artist of the Day: Amel Alatig

    Part of Ms. Tremor's series of students putting their 2021 view on classic pieces of work, Amel titles this, "When You See Your Ex in the Supermarket", by the way, Amel's version is on the left. This is an homage to the artist Henri Matisse who was known for his use of color and his draftsmanship. We like to think Amal may be on her way there herself. Fun to contemplate, fun to look at. More new art all weekend.

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Semester Two begins Tuesday January 19. Twice as nice!

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