NG, Monica

Email: Phone Ext.: 26428
Caseload: A-GA Room: A 130

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Monica Ng aka miss-ng( get the joke). Mom of 2 very energetic boys. Counselor for too many students. Year 11 as a counselor. Enjoy my work, love developing relationships with my students and families. Grew up in SF, 1st in family to attend and graduate from college. There were times I did not think I’ll make it through high school, but perseverance, motivation, and support from my community help me pull through. Graduated from SFSU with BA Liberal Arts, minor is psychology and Asian American Stu



 MOUA, Yen Kong

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Caseload: Ge-O Room: A128

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 CAMPOS, Yecenia

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Caseload: P-Z Room: A 132

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