Office Personnel

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Title: Office Manager Phone Ext.: 26401
Email: Room: Main Office

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Title: Main Office Clerk Phone Ext.: 26400
Email: Room: Main Office

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 CARDONA, Yorqui

Title: Registrar Phone Ext.: 26435
Email: Room: Registrar

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 GRANT, Delane

Title: Cashier Clerk Phone Ext.: 26421
Email: Room: Cashier

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 GARAY, Celina

Title: Student Services Clerk Phone Ext.: 26426
Email: Room: Student Services

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Title: Attendance Clerk Phone Ext.: 26422
Email: Room: Attendance

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Title: Textbooks Clerk Phone Ext.: 26491
Email: Room: B 201

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Title: Career Center Phone Ext.: 26449
Email: Room: A 209-A

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 OLWELL, Jessica

Title: Performing Arts Office Phone Ext.: 26605
Email: Room: A 115

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 WAGNER, Linda

Title: Cafeteria (Manager) Phone Ext.: 26569
Email: Room: Bldg E

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Title: TechFutures (Office) Phone Ext.: 26472
Email: Room: A 231-A

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 PEREZ, Angelica

Title: School Resource Officer [ECPD] Phone Ext.: 26429
Email: Room: A129

About Me:
Hi I’m Officer Perez! I’ve been an officer with El Cerrito for about two years. I wanted a job that would be challenging and that would allow me to help people, being an officer has definitely allowed me to fulfill that. I like to cook, eat, and have recently discovered a love for jujitsu. I’m all about working hard, being kind, and being optimistic— makes life way more enjoyable. I’m so excited to be a part of the ECHS team!