• Vision and Mission

    The vision of Lovonya DeJean Middle School is to promote a student who is culturally and worldly sensitive, self-aware, knowledgeable of what a successful high school student is, and has a concept of college and career.

    The mission of Lovonya DeJean Middle school is to provide a rigorous, academically focused environment, using the California Standards, exploring growth mindset, and using restorative practices eliciting high academic achievement and social success for all students.

    Academic Rigor and Excellence

    Our school is divided into three houses: 7th Grade, 8th Grade, and the English Learner houses. The house model allows for our school to emulate a school within a school. Grade level core teachers have a common prep period which allows for increased collaboration time. 
    Always on Academic Connection: Google Classroom
    Teachers utilize Google Classroom to extend learning in the classroom. For the classroom access code, click on the teacher's web page. If the classroom code is not listed, please email the teacher for the information.
    One stop site to login to all sites for the WCCUSD student.
    Physical Education
    Independent Living Skills
    Computer Applications
    College and Career Readiness Lab
    Beginning Band
    Intermediate Band
    Advanced Band
    Engineering (Project Lead the Way)

    Theory of Action

    If teachers are knowledgeable about the California Standards and they unpack them, then they will be able to implement high-quality lessons that are standards-based/focused, and students will demonstrate higher academic achievement on measured assessments.

    Then we will observe teachers delivering high-quality lessons. Teachers will be able to unpack standards and have objectives identifiable by standard.

    We will reach the goal of students performing higher on assessments and students meeting state targets by the end of the school year.