• Solar Summer

    What could be better than a shaded parking lot? A shaded parking lot that also produces energy for the school. This summer a lot of things are on hold, but not the construction of the solar panels that are being installed this month. The primary parking lot is still under construction for a bit, but we are excited to see that we will be putting the warm months of August and September to good use both inside and outside. Photo credit to Earl Combs, Pinole Valley neighbor (and grand marshal of the 2019 Homecoming Parade!

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  • Retired Teacher Scholars celebrated

    The 2020 senior class didn't get the opportunity to be celebrated at the annual luncheon, but they did get honored with generous scholarships at the West Contra Costa Unified Retired Teacher convocation. Picture above are four of our five winners: Kayla Collins, Iliana Gamero, Maha Ghafoor and LIly Johstone, not pictured but also winning was our class Valedictorian, Ngoc June Nguyen. We are Spartan proud and grateful to the generosity of folk like Scott Honey who has provided a scholarship in appreciation of the kindness of teachers and staff members throughout his 20 years as a student in public education. Currently living in Hong Kong, this scholarship helps him stay connected to his hometown roots. and James Pryor who made this connection while teaching the rigor of geometry proofs and computer programs at Pinole Valley High School, he also gave his students an intuition for the underlying beauty of the subjects. These intuitions have lasted well into the adult lives of his former students, is in recognition and appreciation of Mr. Prior as an exceptional teacher.who support financially these gifts each and every year. A very nice gesture that will; last much longer than this pandemic

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  • Blue Ribbon Art at the (Virtual) Alameda County Fair

    The Alameda County Fair is all online this summer, but it is still winning season for the Spartan Art Department. This year you can go the Fair's website and check out the gallery of art without worrying about spilling any cotton candy down your shirt. Pictured above is Jack Herrera's "Scream" which was awarded a "Judge's favorite" for his work in composition. Jack is one of ten Spartan students to get the top recognition and we applaud Mr. Pinto and Ms. Termor for their talented teens. We will be back in full effect next year but for now, check out the works that tell the artistic story of the year past. Go to https://alamedacountyfair.com/2020-competitions to see them all

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  • Senior Scholarship--We still have more to offer you

    Shaun Lumachi left behind a legacy of service, He was hardworking, innovative and kindhearted who inspired us all to live life to its fullest potential. Shaun combined his altruistic and journalistic passion at a young age, becoming involved with the PVHS Youth Commission and designed the PVHS Senior Times Newsletter.his family has created in his memory a scholarship for Pinole Valley students that honors that life. Shaun's scholarship has gifted students for years, and though this year ended in strange fashion, the family continues to honor our students. If you are a senior with a GPA of 2.5 or better, can produce a pair of letters of recommendation, and write a 500 word essay you may qualify. Make sure that you get your application in by the July 10 deadline. ,We are grateful to the Lumachi family for making this possible every year

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  • Spartan photography hits the big time

    Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle newspaper featured four Pinole Valley photographers in their quarterly Culture Desk session, Lesliebeth Maldonado, Samia Sturghill, Cheyenne Muffett and Toriana Roby all had their self images published for all of Northern California to see. The crew did a variety of pictures, and we are thrilled to see their vision go beyond just the high school community to the world at large. Check out the gallery beginning on Thursday June 25 to see other student works from Pinole Valley as part of the online display. We are Spartan proud!

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  • Relive the class of 2020

    Go to youtube and enter in the following address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiYZgKiVBqM and you will have over an hour of what made the class of 2020 special. Everything from speeches to musical performances, to the piece de la resistance, a gallery of seniors speaking their goodbyes to the rest of us. We have the senior class visible through candid photos and music they recorded and ultimately nearly every graduate in their own words. We encourage you to take part for one last moment with a class no one will ever forget! Stay tuned for later this summer when the video of the graduation drive in ceremony will be made available to see the day in June where we had every member of the graduating class who could drive up with their family to receive their earned diploma from 2020. We will update with other senior news as relevant over the next few weeks

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  • Spartan Football hopeful to get back on the field this Fall

    If you are fired up to bring the title back to Pinole Valley, the time to reach out is NOW. Go to pvhsfootball2014@gmail.com and ask for Coach Bodwin, who will direct you to our summer conditioning and pointers to being ready to wear the Blue and Gold. Click above for the schedule for the 2020 season and do be aware, everything is subject to change based on the virus making it a challenge to hold high school sports this Fall. We want you to be part of our winning team!

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  • Summer School Launches this Week

    Summer School for all WCCUSD students begins Monday June 15. Students will be doing their work on the Edgenuity platform, meaning that it will be all online instruction. Students have been invited to enroll by their counselors, and some have made requests to be part. The summer school will be dedicated to credit recovery first and grade rebuilding second. Priority goes to senior and junior students in more immediate need due to graduation. We are confident that all issues will be resolved but some may take more time than others, especially since this system is new to us as well. We have attached the list of summer school expectations if you click the title of this piece above, and above all else, wish you the best of luck, and to reach out to us at the school for further assistance.

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  • ART everyday and Morning announcements

    Skylie Savage takes us on the final artistic journey of 2020 with this stylish work. We have loved sharing the photos, 2-D, or 3-D work or our students. Look for more during the virtual Alameda County Fair amongst other locales. We will have some art supplies and art teachers available over summer too. Right now, for the last time this school year, our morning announcements

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  • Graduation Ceremony updated schedule

    Attention Pinole Valley families. in order to ensure a safe graduation day where all of the focus is on the class of 2020, Pinole Valley is moving the graduation ceremony to all day Friday June 5. Click above for the revised schedule. If your student and family is unable to attend on Friday, contact principal Kibby Kleiman or the school so that we can be there for you and your graduate next week. The class of 2020 has been through a lot. We are putting together a video of some of the highlights of the year along with what will be even more meaningful, a look at each and everyone of your faces. We look forward to seeing everyone in person on Friday We are committed to celebrating and honoring the class of 2020.

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Office open for summer hours beginning Monday June 8. New hours Wednesday---Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m

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