• Artist of the Day--Xitlaly Ortiz

    Hands up for drawings are from the Blind Contour Drawing Exercise. Students were introduced to the element : Line. Students were asked to draw their hand in different poses. The trick is that they aren't allowed to look down at their paper, hence the name Blind Contour. This develops hand eye coordination and drawing from observation. Art teacher Ms. Tremor had this to say Xitlaly Ortiz: very accurate drawings, she filled the space , took the time to commit to the exercise and her discipline shows in the work! Try on your own this weekend. No peeking until you are done

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  • Lift the Curtain!

    Interested in theatre? Want to be a part of reinventing live performance for the Quarantine Age? If that sounds like you, reach out to our theater manager, Mr. Golsan, at joshua.golsan@wccusd.net The Pinole Valley Theatre Club (name pending) is happening, and we’re building from the ground up, figuring out how to handle live theatre in the time of COVID. Come be a part of it! We are hoping to get started in October, but if you have a desire to be on stage (even if the stage is your living room or backyard) we are ready for you. Find a story you want to tell in isolation or with others. Sign up this week through Friday September 25

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  • Footballand Volleyball conditioning is a GO!

    We have been given the greenlight to resume conditioning on Monday. Please plan on arriving by 430 for the entry procedure and screening. We will start at five; however we want to strongly discourage anyone from arriving late. We will be done at six and with the staggered dismissal everyone will be out of the Stadium by 615pm Please remember the guidelines from the summer are still in place. No one is allowed inside the stadium except for coaches and athletes and we are not allowed to have anyone congregate in the parking lot afterwards. As it was in July please self check at home for symptoms and if your students or anyone is not feeling well please air on the side of caution and stay at home. Also we are asking anyone who does not attend to communicate directly with the coach so that any unknown absences do not cause concern amongst everyone else. Please reply to this message to confirm you will be there on Monday. GO SPARTANS!! We will resume conditioning next week (Mon,Wed,& Fri) for boys & girls. *Please join the REMIND by texting @2020pvvb to 81010, for team info & updates. 🏐

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  • Be a Leader!

    Congressman Mike Thompson’s Student Leadership Council is open to high school students in California’s 5th Congressional District. The council will meet virtually on a weekly basis every Wednesday evening during the Fall semester, and on an as-needed basis during the Spring semester. The Fall semester will include activities and guest speakers on the topics of federal, state and local government, the role of nonprofits, how to be a leader, and deep dives into local issues that impact our community. During the Spring semester, students will plan and implement a virtual town hall focusing on the topic of their choice. Applicants should be passionate about helping their community and eager to learn more about federal, state and local government. Applications are due next Friday, September 25,

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  • Artist of the Day; Stephania Salazar

    Is there anything Stephania can't do with a basketball? Today is picture proof. Here's photography teacher, Mr. Pinto noting that his sophomore student used a shallow depth of field to create visual interest in this picture of a family member for her vertical rule of thirds assignment. We love the foreground, background ourselves. And the continued ability of students to find artistic inspiration and execution so close to home. We are thinking of putting together a gallery soon so as to demonstrate and highlight the many striking images and creations. Make some art of your own this weekend

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  • Artist of the Day: Isabella Koshinski

    Artist of the day, Isabella Koshinski with some stunning work of we’ll have art teacher, Ms. Shokrai explain--Isabella uses digital drawing to explore ancient life forms and original characters in fantastic realms. One of her strengths is her use of highlights to create lifelike textures.

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  • Theater is Back!

    Are you interested in getting on virtual stage? We are starting the Drama Club with our theater manager Mr. Golsan, reach him today at joshua.golsan@wccusd.net. The Pinole Valley Theatre Club (name pending) is happening, and we’re building from the ground up, figuring out how to handle live theatre in the time of COVID. Come be a part of it!

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  • Check this out--Juliana Boarman '24

    Every Thursday and Friday, we feature a performance for our student body from our Band, Choir or Piano programs. These are performance art classes so we share in the joy of bringing it to you. Piano class is producing music throughout These Times. Today we have Juliana Boarman '24 playing the Pixies "Where is My Mind?" Click this link and you'll see why we are so excited to make it to Thursday and Friday each week https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_DrRuSzoYE

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  • Artist of the Day; Keyra Sturghill

    Keyra Sturghall "Day and Night Series: Part 1" In the Small Series addressing the Question: What makes a beautiful sky? Digital Photography AP Studio Art Her question could have also been "Where is inner peace at?" In this series Keyra plates with light in nature to illustrate the feeling of being present in the moment. There is a feeling of intimate personal space, with family or alone in this series, candid spacious moments in the wonder of nature. In times of chaos Keyra uses nature as a symbol of personal transcendence.

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  • College Advisor is IN!

    Ms. Stephanie Zambrano is back and more accessible than ever. Go to her calendly address above and you can have a one-on-one session and get all the information you need to make your best decision toward college and university. She will answer your questions at lunchtime and have a more in depth conversation if you make an after school appointment. We are looking forward to virtual workshops and homeroom visits, it is never too soon to be planning for your next move. Reach Stephanie and leave smarter than when you began

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Class Meetings for Sophomores September 24-25 during homeroom

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