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    Advanced Placement And Honors Courses Policies
    All PVHS students may request to enroll in the more rigorous honors and/or advanced placement course assignment. No class changes will be made for students from honors and/or advanced placement courses during the first semester. By selecting an honors or advanced placement course, a student is committing to that course for at least one complete semester.

    Regional Occupational Program Courses (ROP)
    ROP prepares students for employment and is an excellent way to prepare for college. If students are uncertain of their collage major or career choice, ROP gives them a chance to explore a career field. They may also use their skills to work part-time to help pay college expenses. Each class includes a job finding skills unit to help develop a resume, review effective interviewing techniques and identify sources of employment. Students also complete a portfolio of their class class work. ROP courses provide "hands-on" experience. Students have the opportunity to "try-out" career choices before investing time and money in college or technical school.
    Any junior or senior student (or any student sixteen years of age and older) is eligible to enroll in an ROP course. Students may take ROP courses at Pinole Valley High School or another district high school. ROP courses are designated as such alongside their description.

    Academies provide students with opportunities to explore career paths in a general area of interests. Students must be in their sophomore year before applying for admittance into an academy.  There are four academies at Pinole Valley High School to choose from:  Law & Justice, Health, Choral Academy, and Engineering.