• Spartans of the Day: Clubs!

    The best of times in high school is bonding with people and exploring shared and gaining new interests. Some of our clubs are going all out even during this shut down. 'We want to commend our Earth Team that hasn't missed a beat or a Thursday since we have been out. Looking toward raising awareness and celebrating the earth and nature, the crew is strategizing about what they do best--focusing on ways to improve the planet. And today is the Women's Empowerment Club meeting day (Friday) so it is no surprise that the club is meeting to continue their work. While this is going on, a number of student groups strategize about keeping their lives and interests going. We look forward to hearing about your club and your interest and how you keep that going forward even when we cannot be face to face. Culinary club, we turn to you for inspiration about the best way to make the at home kitchen work as well as you do our school cafeteria. We figure that nothings as fun as being in the same room with your friends, but if we can make something special of the time we are separated then maybe we can come back together even stronger

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  • Lesson of the Day: Accent-uate the Positive

    Ms. Elliot is the teacher who bridges the gap. Teaching both English to Spanish speakers and Spanish to English learner, we are blessed to have an instructor who knows how important it is to be able to communicate. And yes, the way that you speak influences those who hear it. And how they respond to you. One of the truisms of language acquisition is that while you can learn a new tongue through books and writing, the real test comes when out in the world (keeping six feet distance) and speaking to a person in your new language. The accent marks make certain that you have the emphasis and exact sound closer to right. The chant which Ms. Elliot has assigned works remotely, since you can make the sounds accurate as long as you know what each accent mark does. Which is not to say it would be better or more efficient to learn in a classroom with your teachers and your peers, but in the short term, you can say it aloud or to a fellow student online on a conference call. Love the interactive approach to learning. She posted a great lesson yesterday which we will replicate a tiny bit of here. (You should find the original source , Jazzchants for Interrogatives to get it right, because accents of course, matter. Here's a couplet: De donde eras tu? Soy de Malibu. Adonde va Pepito? Va a El Cerrito. Como se llame el? Se llama Rafael. For more check in to google classroom. We have now finished our second week of online school and glad to have you with us. If you have finished your work in one class or want to work on a curriculum outside your own, reach out and we can let you in. Gracias Ms. Elliot for the fun chants and learning

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  • Website of the Day: Everybody Dance Now

    Between Spartan Take Over, K-Pop and the seniors in the Band, dance is a big part of how we move it move it at Pinole Valley. Go to skillshare today or this weekend to master virtually, steps that will help you shine IRL. Everything from Dominican Bachata to Ballet 101, to the latest viral moves (too soon?). You can learn at the pace and with the ability to start over and do it all again. Who knew Groundhog Day was going to be such an instructive movie? The fact is that we are getting ready for our own Virtual Talent Show in the next few weeks. And you can sign up at https://flipgrid.com/a7d28e7d. We are excited about the creativity and spirit that we are seeing. Check out Spartan news on Instagram, keep up with us at Spartan Ink and send any tips or suggestions into us via the website. Keep on dancing, Spartans!

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  • Spartan Lesson of the Day: Virus and Taxes

    Ms. Wood's Economics class is working daily to complete the curriculum to prepare the class of 2020 for the next big steps. So what happens when a global pandemic comes to hijack the Spring semester of the school year? How about bringing relevance and the news into the classroom. Just check out this thought provoking query: I asked you Day 2 how Coronavirus was going to affect the US Economy From what you have learned about taxes, what do you think would be the best tax to increase the US Government's revenue to help pay for the government spending on the coronavirus. Give a reason for your answer Agenda P. 416/417 Impact of Taxes on the Economy 1.Resource Allocation a)How would lacing a heavy tax on something affect the demand for a product. b) Think of something the government deliberately puts high taxes on so people will buy less of it? These kind of questions are the type that calls on students to do the sort of higher level thinking of applying knowledge that is exactly where our seniors ought to be. Keep the good work, coming

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  • Spartan of the Day: Science Folk

    A moment for our science team, doing everything from online Office Hours to participating in Flinn Scientific's distance laboratory lesson. Oh, also getting their students to partake in live lessons, watch recorded lessons and attend AP lecture too. The school's Earth Team comes out from work being done by our Science teachers and it is also the host of our Ocean Conservation club too. The Health Academy is science based and gets our students multiple opportunities to develop their skills. We have expanded our offering to have way more Physics (at two levels) and are looking to introduce as skills section for grade 9 going forward soon too. Also if you like seeing pets in a classroom, guess which discipline is likely to host them. And for their generosity in sharing (giving away) our UV goggle sterilizer. Our teachers literally took the matter into their own hands. Thanks team. And also, being the font of all information. We are relying a lot on our colleagues who went beyond Astronomy 10, to ask them to explain again about viruses, transmission and what's going on. This moment is for you, Science teachers we are grateful for you

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  • Lesson of the Day: Number Sense

    It's fun to play with numbers, and number sense is one of those skills that keeps paying off. We like to keep manipulating and playing with numerals here too. Mr. Jeff Wright challenges his math students today with a kind of mathematical scavenger hunt. And you don't have to know a lot of math to partake. What is the only number between 0 and 1000 with an "A" in it? Or want to move onto higher level math--try this query on for size--You see a top you want to buy for $97, but you don't have any money so you borrow $50 from your mom and $50 from your dad. You buy the top and have $3 change, you give your mom $1,your dad $1, and keep $1 for yourself. You now owe your mom $49 and your dad $49. $49+$49=$98 and you kept $1. Where is the missing $1? Or go to https://www.prodigygame.com/blog/math-puzzles/ and find a math question at your level or beyond. Just like reading boosts vocabulary, playing with numbers improves your skill in percentages, fractions and big money too! (And no the answer to Mr. Wright's question is not One hundred and two

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  • Spartan of the Day: Aerial Photography

    What's your perspective? Photography teacher, Mr. Pinto has asked students to do what seems counterintuitive to start Corona School. But it works! Aerial photography is the name of this game, with the assignment being to have students create an image from up high. So how do you get to the top, when you are grounded? Challenge accepted! We have above a photo from Anthony Schell who figured out how to capture a unique look. Students still have time to submit their photos, and we will continue to feature some of the best. (There were a lot of good ones). Mr Pinto is also our yearbook editor and the crew is still working to make the deadline--any and all images that show Spartan year 2019-20 have a place. No matter where you are standing

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  • College Board provides the lesson of the Day

    Everything has changed for the Advanced Placement Exam this Spring. The test usually assess students on the college level material that they learn through late April. With school out, the test makers instead made the call to have the exam cover only material covered through the first week of March. The test, ordinarily a stamina-created three hour block is going to be only 45 minutes long. The test, usually a blend of objective, multiple choice content questions is being converted into an essay based question instead. Of course some of the exams, like that for AP Art and Math will not have essay components but other rigorous requirements. Starting today and going through the rest of the week, AP is hosting free 45 minute review sessions which are guaranteed to give students a sneak peak in what to expect. Don't slack, you might be missing your Calculus Review right this moment!

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  • Spartans Deliver!

    We bought a lot of N-95 masks for the wildfires in the Fall and then realized that they are potential life savers again in the Spring. So here is a local hospital welcoming much needed supplies brought to them by our own Ms. Dibble. The next call going out is for safety goggles and our Mr. O'Shea and Mr. Heyward have found our cache and preparing to send them out into the world as well. The Pinole Valley High School staff is ready to help where we can. We are at the very least preparing lessons, both daily and weekly. We are offering tutoring support through our math specialists (email Principal Kibby Kleiman for particulars). We are here via video, google classroom, canvas and one-on-one. Don't hesitate to reach out to any or all of us, who would like to spend this time providing homework support, review help and supplemental material as well. Stay safe, Spartans to the rescue!

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  • Spartans of the Day: Artists

    Claire Bird is sharing with us Art at its best. This is a hydroflask she has been working on. Very cool, right? Here's what we like even better--the dialogue that she is able to have with her Art teacher, Ms. Shokrai. So Claire had a question, and used our online capabilities to get some pro tips from her teacher. Here is a snippet: I would seal it with Modge Podge and use very thin coats, 2 to 3 tops. Once it has dried completely, you will be able to hand wash it. It will dry in a couple hours, but let it set for a couple days before the first time you wash it or handle it. Cool, right? This is the hope we have for all of our students, that this is a moment in time, where you can get some one-on-one time with your teachers and produce solutions, music, essays and Art!

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School On Line from March 16--May 1. Spring Break from work will be April 6-10. 4th Quarter to begin on April 13. All campus events and activities cancelled during this time.

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