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  • Pinole Valley says Goodbye

    The Spartan team of teachers is getting a makeover but we are going to miss a bunch of our team who move on to new adventures. Mr. Anderson , Math gave us his best in the first year. We are also needing new Leadership and Special Ed with Ms. Marroquin. The English department says so long to Ms. Walden, and Engineering and math say so long to Trevor Roberts, who will leave a huge gap with the MESA program as well. Math will have to make do without the star power of Mr. Hein who we hope continues his teaching career elsewhere and brings his unique style with him.. The Law Academy will need a rebuild as Ms. Deinhard and the leader of the team, the amazing Ms. Blades are retiring from the job. Mr. Pinto who has graced these pages for years with his strong photo work is going to be moving on as well. The biggest legacy is Mr. Porto who wraps up three decades of service to WCCUSD and Pinole Valley with great passion and skill. We are going to hire to replace but will not ever be able to match the crew that has left for new adventures.

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  • Summer Camps for Spartan students

    The field is not quite ready but we are so ready to start summer programs up right. The Math Camp is back and happening this week, June 13-17 in C106 with Mr. Liu, it will be happening from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.. And cheer camp is a thing! We have coach Areli starting the Spartans off in style with a prep crew this Wednesday and Thursday in the big gym at 10:00--11:30 a.m. for all returning and all interested. Then it is football prep which is happening at Pinole Middle for our new freshmen and weight training at the high school,. General conditioning for all happens June 21 at both schools for all interested, and boys basketball has condiitoning work Tuesday and Wednesday from 6:00-8:00 p.m. in the gym. in wearing the Blue and Gold.

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  • School is Out--Summer School Begins!

    Pinole Valley students who are short on credits--don't despair. Summer School is here to save the day! The District is hosting summer sessions from June 20 to July 15 for the opportunity to catch up on credits or get caught up to ideas and concepts that might have traveled too swiftly during the school year. We are anticipating that for many summer schoolers, taking two classes on a block schedule might make a huge difference in gaining mastery. We invite all of our Pinole Valley students to dig deep this summer, and if you aren't in summer school, don't tune off that mind. Put it to work and learn something new (about yourself too)

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  • Big Finish: Goodbye 2022!

    Ready to strike the curtain to end 2022? We hardly got a chance to know the kids of the most resilient class in school history. They finished up in the portables and remain the last class to remember those days. Then it was trying to figure out the new school until the global pandemic put a stop to that. Follow with zoom school, and then another year on the shelf, and it wasn't until their senior year, that this class (without a field now) had to figure out a way to make it happen and make it happy. They did both and today stand on the cusp of an achievement with more obstacles than bridges. This Thursday, the class practices at Hercules High and then Friday walks the stage and becomes graduates and alums, from four years, they and no one who watched them, will ever forget

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  • Artist of the Day: Melanie Saenz

    This mythological creature has been crafted with such care by Melanie Saenz. Melanie works carefully with the material and her works have an all over attention to detail that encourage the viewer to move around the work appreciating it from multiple angles. She utilizes and exploits the medium of sculpture for its greatest potential, encouraging the viewer to take a closer look and experience the work in space. Looking forward to the work that Melanie makes in IB Visual Arts next year! Thanks to every student who made this moment and all those who will be making art regardless. We are a richer school thanks to our team of Ms. Shokrai, Ms. Tremor and Mr. Pinto and the crew that keeps producing wonderful art

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  • The Little Band that Can

    Coby Stark and Kazuma Minton rocked the mic on Tuesday at lunch and brought the crowd to its feet. With a blend of wll chosen cover songs and a number of originals, it is clear the future of Pinole Valley music is secure. The lunch time concert was one of a number of musical moments on campus yesterday. We had the Ellerhorst Elementary dance after their promotion ceremony and then our own Pinole Valley Music awards presented to the best in band and choir. A tuneful way to finish the school year.

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  • Make Mine Music!

    Today we are celebrating the sounds of Pinole Valley and the Pinole community. Join us at lunch time when the Pinole Valley rock band takes the stage, and then afterschool we are welcoming our friends from Ellerhorst School, who are hosting their promotion ceremony right here at the Pinole Valley campus. Then we are having the 6th graders have their dance right in our school cafeteria. While that is happening, our band and choir have their music awards tonight in the big theater after an outdoor potluck. Something for every tune today at Pinole Valley

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  • Cheer is back, today!

    Coach Areli is about to launch the new era of Spartan cheer. Join her today Tuesday after school in the big gym for what promises to be a year that we come back on fire. Areli has spent a lifetime in cheer and still dances professionally for the Golden State Warriors. She is going to be building the team into a force to be reckoned with and it all gets started today. Bring yourself and a friend, and let's make Pinole Valley Cheer, a group to be heard.

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  • Artist of the Day: Lazario Lopez

    Teacher Steven Pinto has made a career of making us and the surroundings look good. Our Pinole Valley Spartan alum and teacher wraps up his fabulous career this week and goes out with a classic. Student Lazario Lopez who has been honored before is our big finisher, channels the spirit of Diane Arbus for this great image. We have enjoyed years of great art from Mr. Pinto and his legacy and works will fill our school for years to come.

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  • Spartan Speakers Keynote at Stewart School

    We want to celebrate Cole Montano, Angel Valencia and Cassandra Rodriguez all of whom were alums from Stewart school and all current seniors at Pinole Valley., They were invited back to make the graduation speeches to their former school. They delivered great messages about Academy life, being part of an athletic team or a club. Proud of you three, the messages you delivered with good humor and sincerity, we believe will make the future Spartans at Stewart school better prepared to enter and dominate high school life

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Summer Hours now in effect. School is open daily Monday-Thursday 8:30-3:30.

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     Pinole Valley High School’s vision is to become recognized as a California distinguished school.  We will become a vital part of our community—a school that serves our city by sharing our work and talents while utilizing the city and its resources to best serve our students.


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District Highlights

  • Summer Meals For Kids 2022

    The WCCUSD Summer Food Service Program provides FREE HEALTHY meals for children and teens 18 years of age and younger when school is out during summer.

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  • Memorial Service for Coach G

    A memorial service for Gerald Montgomery, a beloved member of the Hercules community, will be held on Friday, June 17 at 7 pm on the Hercules High football field. The service is open to the public. Join us in remembering Coach G and all that he did for the students and staff of Hercules High and the West Contra Costa Unified School District.  The public viewing will be on Tuesday, June 21 from 3 pm to 6 pm at Wiggins Knipp Funeral Home (574 Capitol Street in Vallejo). 

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  • Covid Testing Update

    WCCUSD will offer COVID-19 testing Monday through Thursday from 8am to 4 pm at the district central office for the summer school sessions. Please note that you must register and schedule an appointment to access testing at this location. Testing is available to all WCCUSD students, staff as well as family members of students and staff.

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  • Tonight: Final Strategic Plan Engagement

    Please join us virtually at 5:30 pm this evening (Tuesday, June 14) for the final strategic plan engagement.  We are creating a vision and a plan for WCCUSD’s future, and you need to be a part of the discussion. 

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  • Coach G

    It is with great sadness that I inform you of the death of Gerald Montgomery on Sunday. Coach G was a beloved member of the Hercules community, and his loss is a huge blow to everyone who knew him.

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  • 22-23 LCAP and Budget Public Hearing Announcement

    The Governing Board of West Contra Costa Unified School District will conduct online Public Hearings to review the proposed 2022-23 District LCAP and Budget. All parties having an interest in the proposed budget shall be heard by the Board at the Public Hearing.

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  • Kennedy High School Facility Master Plan Community Meeting, June 2nd

    Join us for a community meeting to learn more about the Kennedy High School Facility Master Plan on June 2 from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm at Kennedy High School. Also available on Zoom.

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  • 5/26/22 Safety Message from Dr. Hurst

    This morning, students and staff at one of our schools, Grant Elementary in Richmond, had to briefly shelter-in-place because gunshots were fired in the area. Everyone is safe: no students, staff or families were harmed and the school was not targeted. We have been in contact with the Richmond Police Department about the incident. 

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