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  • You say you want a Resolution....

    Leadership wants to know--what are you going to do better in 2022? We are putting up a goal wall next week when we return to school on Wednesday January 19 to start the new semester and new quarter. Whatever you pledge to seems to be easier to achieve if you make it public. Even better, we will do it without putting your name on the resolution, so you can feel free to be honest without worry that anyone will judge you. We know that you want to do better this year and so do we. So staff and students are encouraged to well, encourage one another. We are using our IB vocabulary daily and today's word is Application. So let's apply what we have learned to make better choices and create better Spartans for 2022

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  • Mask it Up

    Thanks to the heroic efforts of teachers like Ms. Lee and the PTSA and donors from our parent community, we are thrilled to be able to offer Free of Charge, N95 masks that are considered the best in terms of stopping the flow of the variant and allowing us to conduct school as routinely as we are able to. We know that masks are no guarantee and that the mandate has been confusing and challenging. But Science says that the N95 is the most effective and while a staff mandate went into place this week, we want to and now can offer the same protection to our students. Friday at lunch, we will have a table where masks can be picked up as long as you switch over right away. We are continuing with at school rapid tests and at school swab testing on Thursday. Let's commit to keeping ourselves safe and secure and we can get through this together.

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  • Spartan Art is Always Timely

    Adam Ngo did a self-portrait with a mask in this wild grassy portrait for his property change photo. Love the contrast of the two types of grass, the way his eyes stare out at you. You get a feeling that a new hybrid creature (Grassman) is being born into the world. Students have demonstrated all sorts of artistic flair this semester and have a series of art contests we hope to see them put their talents to in the months ahead. We have an Aquatic Art, an Interstellar Art, a Western Art contest and more. We have a District Art Show, the County Fair, the Academy of Art scholarship and so much more. Look here and in our daily announcements, today featuring Lego Art, too! Can't stop the art

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  • Time to Work!

    Half the school term has passed, so since the start of school, PVHS's Work Experience program now has 92 successfully issued certified work permits. Keep in mind, those who require a work permit are under the age of 18. Now that a few of you viewed last week's tutorial on Indeed.com, regarding "Job Search for Teens", you are one step closer to your employment preparation which will become an important tool for future job searching. Before you know it, it will be Summer Recess, which will allow a student to work up to 40 hours a week, through the summer months of late June, July and August. Employers will be gearing up, in search of employees to work those full-time temporary / seasonal job opportunities. So keep in mind, if you are just beginning a job search or you are one who already has developed skills by being employed, summer employment fills up quickly, so prepare and have a game plan. It is very common to apply for multiple job positions. Learn about the company and what skills are needed for the position they're looking for. Even go the extra mile to contact the company's human resource department and communicate your interest. When interviewing, show your enthusiasm about being placed in the position.

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  • What's New? Newsela daily!

    Imagine every day the latest in news, science, government, economics and entertainment come delivered to you--at your reading level. Don't imagine it, Newsela it. The online platform has a dozen new entries every school day accessible to every Pinole Valley student and staff member, for free, just for signing in. Students all have the ability to read the same stories but at the reading level (and in Spanish!) so that the information and the topics are able to be read and discussed by everyone in the room. We get Newsela delivered to our email every morning, and you can choose to do the same. We want you to keep up with the world around and near you to make you a more informed and engaged citizen. Here's what Newsela has to say: We believe complex topics require further explanation for students. Therefore, complex topics will not be omitted, however they will be explained in simple, yet clear and accurate language, so any student can access the information, whether they're reading independently, at school with a teacher, or at home with a parent. Todays headlines for example range from learning the two new dog breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club to the age of Zimbabwe's famed Big Tree

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  • Final Exams Finally

    Check out the Schedule above to see when your Final Exams will be for the first semester Finale. We are going with a special schedule starting Tuesday, but the school day will start and end at its regular time. Finals are scheduled in ninety minute blocks allowing teachers and students to do deeper, more thorough assessments. Not every class will host a Final, some may choose to do final projects, presentations and others may just use it as an extended class period. Remember the stakes are doubled for this particular week, as students earn grades for both their quarter and the semester. Great chance to get to Honor Roll status or to regain eligibility. If you aren't here for testing, teachers are going to try to create an at home alternative so as to not penalize those home during these times. Best of luck, use the weekend to review and recharge for the big finish!

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  • Picture Pinole

    Mr.Pinto's photography class took advantage of the Winter holiday by snapping images of our city in all of its angles. The pictures are great and shows off elements that you might look past before, but probably won't again. Here is Mario Lopez Mario Lopez used the old stagecoach to provide an interesting perspective on the old Fernandez Mansion. He also took this photo at the end of the day, the time that photographers call "golden time" to utilize the soft lighting. We also shared an image from Michele Jerez at Point Pinole and then there are dozens of others. We will put these together in a gallery or in the Yearbook for you to enjoy as well. There is something about a photographer's eye that sees things and gets us to see in ways that we haven't before.

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  • Spartan Sports on Hold

    To get past the worst of the Variant, West Contra Costa has put all sporting events on hold until January 18, 2022. We will use this hiatus to practice, to work on drills and skills and be ready to come back to score goals when the calendar turns to Aquarius. The soccer teams have gotten off to good starts and the basketball teams are in the midst of historic runs. Both boys and girls hoops have playoff dreams Wrestlers have a number of athletes who have medaled and may get further individual honors. While we wait, we want to announce some great news, like that above, where baseballer Collin Irwin just signed with Western Oregon University and will continue his academic and athletic career in the Fall of 2022. We are looking forward to hearing more big news this Spring and remind all of our pep band, cheer members, team managers and fans, that we can't (but will) wait to get everyone together back on the court, the field and the mats soon.

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  • SMASHing opportunity for Frosh

    SMASH, free STEM program to first-generation, low-income, 9th graders of color in the Bay Area! Both SMASH UC Berkeley and SMASH Stanford programs are open for 9th graders in the Bay Area! The SMASH program prepares students for college and careers in STEM by: Hosting students to live and study at a university campus for 3 summers at no cost to students. Exposing students to the many careers in STEM and computer science that they can pursue and ways they can use STEM and technology to advance their communities. Expanding students’ peer and adult networks by immersing them in weekly networking nights, speaker series, field trips and a tight-knit community of peers. Supporting students through high school, college applications, college and career preparation .The SMASH mission is to diversify the field of STEM so we focus on students who are underrepresented in the field. We are looking for 9th graders who meet the following criteria: High-achieving (minimum 3.0 GPA, with an interest in math and science) Low-income (preferably eligible for Free/Reduced Lunch) Underrepresented student of color in STEM. Applications are now open at www.smash.org/apply. The deadline to apply will be March 1st

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  • Color Guard starts Today

    Ms Mari is our newest addition to start the year. She is a lifetime devotee and participant in color guard! Pinole Valley is bringing it back every Monday and Friday starting today. Color Guard provides a great outlet for creative expression in dance, choreography, dance and style. We are going to be working with the band as we launch our newest endeavor and can't wait to have you join us as we create flags, rifles, batons and swag in what we think will be a flashy addition to the Performing Arts at Pinole Valley every year.

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No School until Wednesday January 19 and we begin the next Quarter and Semester then

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