• Senior Survey and Senior News

    Great time to be part of the class of 2021, not only is everything coming together for getting cap and gowns, trying out for scholarships, graduation speaker, awards night, reclassification ceremonies, African American students of honor, now we have our own Senior Survey put on by Ms. Stephanie to reach students and have them respond. Two students will be selected as winners of Amazon gift cards and we want to hear what your plans are so we can share with your class too. Get this done by Friday so we can draw a winner this weekend.

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  • Community Comes Together

    Our new Health Center team, Ms. Courtney Moore and Ms. Sonia Ramos welcome any and all students to the campus to be part of a community hang out at 9:30 today and the same time on Monday. Our goal--to bring community together and reflect on what is happening and what will happen next. Meet with students and support to share experiences and hopes and dreams for a brighter future. If you can't be here live (in the mall area, with social distance) then be with us on zoom and partake. We miss you! And would love to see you, if you want to be part of the journey back this Spring.

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  • Artist of the Day: Alexander Sanches Reyes

    Follow the story of Alexander who takes us through his time as a new citizen of the country to his pathway through our schools. Along the way, you'll see detailed drawings, familiar situations, the portables and more! This Draw My Life project is one that has evolved over the years but provides some great insight and some great images that are both universal and unique! Picture your own life drawn as well as the one you see here. Click on the title above to see the whole story

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  • Graduation Speaker

    It's time to try out! The Inspirational Speech inspires and uplifts the audience. It creates an emotional experience that leaves the audience feeling inspired. It sends the graduating class off to their new lives after high school, inspired to meet the challenges ahead. The Class Historian speech is light-hearted and intended to remind the members of the graduating class of personalities and events they have shared during their time at Pinole Valley. Although it can be humorous, it is more a reminiscence than a stand-up monologue. It is a class history, NOT your personal memory of your four years at Pinole Valley, so seek input from other students while writing your speech. So, you should do some research. As a Class History, it should chronicle significant events (class royalty, athletic team performances, proms, class activities, prominent student achievements, shared experiences, etc.) for the class. It tends to be more private and deals with events the students will know, but adults may not.

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  • Artist of the Day: Maria Marquez

    Such a great assignment! Students are asked to make a great artistic grid. The elements running vertically must mix with the elements going horizontal. From Ms. Shokrai, “Maria takes us all to school with her genius response to the Synectic Challenge. Synectics are like making connections. Here students invent their own symbol for each Element of Art and Principle of Design and then they connect each pair, kind of like the way you would make a multiplication table in math. Check out the masterful rows for Value and Color! Look at her brilliant responses for Texture!” More of these works later this week. Maria's is an exemplar!

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  • Spartans Sports Sweep Tuesday

    Winners everywhere last night. Girls soccer led by defenseman Jadyn Espinoza crushed DeAnza 5-0 after scoring each of its goals early in the first half. It's been a bounce back year for the girls who are kicking it into high gear. Boys volleyball continued its best season in years after turning back Kennedy 3-2 yesterday. Johnny Maramag led Big Blue who take on DeAnza tonight with the girls game to follow. Then it was golf routing Salesian with strong efforts from Tyler Momano and the rest of the squad. And track took three first place finishes led by athlete of the week, Cornel Davis. Great time to be a Spartan

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  • Teacher of the Month: Ms. Johnson!

    May's best is a teacher worthy of winning this honor every month As lead teacher of the Engineering academy, Ms. Johnson finds opportunity for our students to excel. She goes way beyond the school structure to find students internships and opportunities to shine. Then there is her work as a math teacher, where she is creative and patient, a place where students who don't get it the first time, get many more chances to get it right. And then it's every weekend with her Robotics team and other extra curriculars to truly make her a teacher for all seasons and for all students. May is not enough for this outstanding educator!

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  • Senior Moments

    The class of 2021 puts all hands on deck to create a memorable senior day this past Friday. In addition to picking up caps and gowns and getting the graduation announcements, kids took a moment to hop out and put their blue and gold mark on a mural that will be on display throughout the graduation ceremonies. Also ahead for seniors are the last days for two big Spartan scholarships and our Senior Awards night. We are confident that no one will forget the mark left by the class of 2021. Colorful and committed

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  • Artist of the Day: Alexa Marquez

    Richard Avedon is one of the great names from 20th century photography. His fashion and street art are both subjects for Mr. Pinto's beginning photo students this Spring. Today it is Alexa Marquez who found an Avedon image she could use as a place to find her own vision. This is a cooperative little sister who served as model and inspiration for more great Spartan photo art

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  • Artist of the Day: Naomi Clement

    The animation sensation of GIF my Life is allowing students to tell their stories with art and movement. If you click above you will get the whole story. We have noticed during the pandemic so much loss, but one significant gain, the Art that students have produced tells a story in a way that words just can't. Want your chance to make more Art? Come today if you are from Ms Tremor's class and you will be able to get some new art supplies if you come to school from 11 to 1 today. Keep masks on, social distance and your imagination at high tide! Bring your life to art too!

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