• Tell us what you are Thankful for!

    When the world throws a pandemic at you, throw creativity right back. Our holiday tradition of putting gratitude "feathers' on Mr. Gobble, our Thanksgiving (wooden) turkey have passed, the season of gratitude is not going to pass without us making our best effort to make it work another way. Enter Flipgrid and our virtual bird. We will be holding up the opportunity to record over the next few days so you can let our website (and school!) world know that you have a lot to be thankful for. Go to the address, look straight into the camera and share some of your most thankful shout outs with our community before the first fork is raised. We are grateful for our Leadership team for their versatility in making holidays together a priority. Gobble gobble

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  • Artist of the Day: Kevin Hong

    Almost a lifetime achievement recognition for the senior student who has been producing high volume and high quality work since starting with us as a freshman. Kevin has started doing these evocative landscapes and made them his own. A callback to Japanese woodblock art, Kevin incorporates elements from now multiple units of study. As his art teacher Ms. Shokrai says, "He is an amazing artist. His work continues to develop and I can honestly say that I do not know where he is going to go with it". Wherever he goes, we are for sure going to follow. Look for more Spartan art the rest of our 2020. We are going to produce a student generated holiday greeting card and a 2021 calendar with art exclusively created by our school arts. We figure that anything is going to make 2021 better than the year we are enduring now. So there's something good coming out of this year, after all.

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  • Thanksgiving week stuffed with Support

    The week ahead is no time to slow down. The applications for the University of California is on Monday November 30. The deadline for the California State University system is on Friday December 4. So soon! We are going to be there for you throughout. The workshop listed above will make the start of next week a great time to get the help you need on your applications. While that is happening, here is another tip for the next week. We are confident that a week without active and appointment learning, students can do mega-catch up. By spending a half hour in the morning and another half hour in the afternoons, students can turn the second quarter into their best one, and do some serious catch up and prepping for the work ahead. Email or reach out to teachers, who will be monitoring their mail over break and sure to be able to provide you a helping hand before you have a second helping at the table.

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  • Spirited Spartans Thanks for Thursday

    Best Thursday ever. We celebrated the Thankful week before the holiday with our best hoodies. We had the most participation of the entire week, seeing our students, our staff and our pets celebrated in their warm wear. We wrap up this week with Freaky Friday, asking you to show up in your best Fall colors. It is the culmination of a great Leadership initiative to have us wear our pride, even at a distance. The last element of Thanksgiving is our flipgrid where we record our best wishes and gratitude messages. Look forward to the second week in December, when we make the last month of the year, the Spartanist time of the Year.

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  • Contra Costa College All Day

    Starting at 11 a.m. today an informational meeting for all prospective students is happening by zoom. If you click the title of this box above, the link will take you right to the meeting. We have a great opportunity after that at 2:00 today--for students interested in the nursing program to take part. We are excited to have more college connections including a way to market yourself to colleges and universities with Ms. Stephanie later in the day. Our belief is that everybody has something special to offer, but there are struggles to package that together in a way that speaks to the next level. Imagine being capable of making you your very best self. Higher education never seemed so close to reach.

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  • Spirit This!

    Yamna was just one of our dressy Spartans for Western Day yesterday as we continue to celebrate our pride. Today is Hoodie Day and we want to see you in all your warm fleece or cotton today. We wrap up the week with Fall Colors tomorrow Friday but will hold open our flipgrid page so that you can record your messages of gratitude and thanks to those who make your days a little brighter. We will look (and listen) for your contribution to our Thanksgiving shout outs.

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  • Take Care

    Crazy, busy times. We have the deadline for 4-year colleges coming right up. The UC system wants all applications in by November 30 while the University of California campuses is counting on December 4 for their applicants. Amidst all of this, and the office hours that Ms. Stephanie has put together, we are hoping that you take a moment for a deep breath and you. We have a self care workshop today for those who have just kind of had enough. Take a breath later today and get your own balance and direction back.

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  • Artist of the Day: Ashley Chinwuba

    Ashley gets it. Film Noir is known for its dramatic lighting. Film studios have expensive equipment to make these images. Students learned about key lights, fill lights, and back lighting but the challenge was how to do this at home with the available lights of a typical household. Students used flashlights, directed light through paper towel rolls, and experimented in any way possible to get that dramatic effect. We love the length between the window, her fingers and her face. Haunting and memorable shot. Thanks to Mr. Pinto, our photo teacher who promises an entire Noir spread in the 20-21 yearbook. Looking forward to that and more.

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  • Support the Spartans, eat up!

    If you feel the need to support our school's Parent Teacher Student Association and you're hungry for some good food, today is your best day. We are encouraging you to place your order between 4:00 and 8:00 today and Chipotle Pinole will have your meal hot and ready, and you will be providing help to our school. You can make it a call in order and you can do a swift curbside pick up. However you make your order, it works for us. Make tonight a Spartan night out to eat.

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  • Artist of the Day: Alana Gibson

    Alana's piece was chosen for it's storytelling qualities. Alana's piece leaves you asking questions: Why is the cage open? Why are the birds the only colored element? We spent a lot of time looking this over and it made us think of a poem the Darkling Thursh, which then made us think of this image again. Thanks for the thoughts, Alana. May you see the spot of color in today too

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