How do I navigate PowerSchool for PE?

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Here are a few tips to help you understand my grading and point entry in PowerSchool:

Daily Points - 80% of the total grade - 10 points are awarded per class day. 

When looking at your child's report you will see how many points he/she earned for each day.  If your child was absent, a MISSING ASSIGNMENT mark should be indicated (yellow box).  A make-up assignment must be completed in order for the daily points to be excused.


Classwork & Assignments - 20% of the total grade 

A fitness test is usually entered in the grade book in all capital letters.  The grades for fitness testing are based on your child's age and gender as of March 15 of the current school year.  For example, if your child is 11 currently and turns 12 on December 16, he/she will be graded as a 12-year-old for the entire school year.  This is so that the students can practice their fitness tests at the level required to pass the state-mandated fitness testing which occurs in March. 

The Mile Run, PACER, Curl-ups, and Push-ups tests will be graded on a 10-point scale.  The Trunk Lift and Sit-and-Reach tests are pass or fail tests and will be graded on a 5-point scale (A=Pass, F=Fail, I=Incomplete).  The Height, Weight, and BMI results are solely graded on completion of the test (A=Complete, I=Incomplete).  An "I" means that the test was Incomplete and will receive 0 points towards the final grade.

Fitness Test Improvement will occur in quarters 2, 3, and 4.  During quarter 1 we will only do a base assessment to determine what level your child is currently at.  On each child's Individual Fitness Sheet (IFS) there is an area where the child will mark whether each score is his/her best score for the particular test.  In PowerSchool, this assignment is listed separately from the test itself and is awarded a 1 for improvement or a 0 for no improvement.


Other Information:

(an asteric) appears next to the assignment name if the points have been EXCUSED.  In this case, the points will not go into the child's grade.  You will often see this if a child was absent and completed a make-up assignment or was injured and completed the in-class assignment. 

Grades are updated whenever possible but may not be until progress reports and/or report card marking time.  If you have questions about your child's grade or performance then please email.