What do I do if my child is absent?

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In the case of an EXCUSED ABSENCE, a parent note or email including the student’s name, parent/guardian name, reason for absence, and date(s) to be excused must be brought to the teacher upon return to class. The student will have two (2) school days to make-up any assigned work. An alternative assignment (Article Review) will be given to make up for the missed class. It is the STUDENT’s responsibility to get the work from the teacher upon his/her return to class; an Article Review worksheet may be picked up from the silver hanging file outside Ms. Colliver’s office door. The student will need to make arrangements to make-up any missed fitness tests within one (1) week of the absence.

Article Reviews (Make-up Assignments) are an “all-or-none” assignment (partial credit is not awarded).

You may also download the document from this webpage under "Important Documents."  The assignment is titled "Excused Absence Make-up."