Schools with 21 or more English Learners are required to establish a functioning English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC). The site principal is responsible to ensure the establishment of an ELAC. The principal or designee will coordinate meetings and communication/documentation between the site and Community Engagement Office. Elected parent/guardian members conduct ELAC meetings. Elections for ELAC are conducted at the school site by October 15th of each year. Voting membership composition must reflect the percentage of ELs in the school. The committee includes parents and school staff (fewer than the number of parents). If a member must be replaced during the year, the replacement serves for the remainder of the year. At the beginning of the following year, an election must be held to fill the positions.

    The ELAC advises the principal and School Site Council (SSC) on topics relating to English Learners, including, at minimum:

    • the detailed English Learner section of the school’s Single Plan for Student Achievement submitted to the WCCUSD School Board
    • the school’s needs assessment
    • the school’s annual CALPADS language census report
    • the importance of regular school attendance
    • the submission of agendas and minutes of ELAC meetings

    After duly elected ELAC members have been trained on the legal responsibilities of the ELAC, these members can vote to delegate their responsibilities to the School Site Council (SSC) for two years. This delegation of responsibility is to be reflected in the minutes of both the ELAC and SSC meetings.