A trip to San Francisco and Marin in January. As has been our custom in past March trips,
    we hit as many places as we could in the Golden Gate Bridge area. Our next stop was at the
    Palace of Fine Arts. We did our usual exploration of Fort Point--a little US History mixed in
    with a little Hide and Seek.  And a fair bit of wave-watching, which was pretty spectacular.
    After a walk on the Golden Gate Bridge to the first tower, we headed across to Marin County. 
    There, we took a tour and a class at the Marine Mammal Center.  The kids got to practice
    diagnosing diseases and problems with sea lions and seals, and learned how veterinarians
    troubleshoot with patients who can't speak.
    Our final stop of the day was at Battery Spencer, behind and above the Golden Gate Bridge. 
    Views were spectacular as usual, but the kids really love scrambling around on the old military buildings.