• ESCAPE Club to UC Davis
    - For the March field trip, the ESCAPE Club went to UC Davis.
    The Vet School welcomed us in the morning and showed us around.  Some of the current students
    there led us through a couple of recent cases in a big classroom.  Then we headed into a huge room
    where we saw an ultrasound, an anesthetists tools, how to intubate a dog, how to stitch up a wound,
    and even a practice rectal exam!  We got to see the vet hospital itself, both for large and small animals,
    and saw an amazing collection of preserved specimens and organs from an array of species.

    We then headed onto the main campus, and enjoyed lunch in the dining commons. The kids were mesmerized
    by all the options, and it was really a highlight.  We continued our tour by seeing the main quad, walking by the
    library, seeing a big lecture hall, and even went into the dorm room of one of our ESCAPE alumni!
    We saw the pool, and the new football stadium, and lots more.  It was a great experience for our kids
    to see one of the top universities in the nation.