• Please use the following Google Classroom codes to access and submit your work during this time of online learning.  Work must be completed and submitted by 2:00 PM.


    2020-2021 - Quarter 1 Google Classroom Codes

    Homeroom: e3v6zwr (purple bowling pins)

    Period 2: opdgguc (red track & field) - Physical Education - Period 2

    Period 3: jsq4ikh (orange track shoes) -Physical Education - Period 3

    Period 4: dtm5c6r (yellow/orange bike) - Physical Education - Period 4

    Period 5: oxv6eho (green tennis racquet & ball) - Physical Education - Period 5

    Period 6: eeylrig (blue water with a water polo ball) - Physical Education - Period 6



    Assignments posted in Google Classroom will be given a daily point grade.  Grades are based on the accuracy and completeness of the assignment by the due date and time.  If you have special circumstances that are preventing you from turning in your work, please email the teacher and let her know immediately.  Assignments may consist of physical activity as well as reading assignments, watching specific video clips, and written work.   The assignments will vary from day to day. 

    The teacher may also go over information in scheduled Zoom meetings.  These meetings are not required and an alternative assignment may be given for those not in attendance. 

    The teacher may also set up Zoom or Google Meets office hours.  This is a time that individuals may access the teacher to get clarification on any work that has been given.  The times for office hours will be posted in the Stream in Google Classroom.  

    The teacher may communicate via Remind messaging as well.  I use this as a one-way text or email app (I have disabled two-way discussion) to disseminate important information or updates quickly.  If you have not signed up for Remind, please click on the link below for instructions.

    Remind for Colliver - PE


    If at any time, you have questions regarding remote learning for PE, please email the teacher at ccolliver@wccusd.net.