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Parent Square Communications

What’s good, Olinda Families!


We are getting ready to kick off the new year, and, along with that, a new way to communicate with us all! Class Dojo will not be continued this year- we have Parent Square- a platform that connects with Powerschool and you’ll be able to use it for communications as your child progresses from school to school through the district, so even though it feels like “oh no, not another app!” it will actually be streamlining the communications.


Parent Square offers auto-translate options- this means you can message a teacher in your preferred language, and the app will translate it for the teacher. We will be able to send out alerts in case of emergencies, set up volunteer and item requests, as well as do polls.


In addition, Parent Square allows two-way text-style communication with families, teachers, and staff. We can share posts with pictures and videos, emails, and other notifications that will keep you up to date with your classroom and the school as a whole, as well as individual conversations with your student’s teacher. 


Here are some resources for families. 


Please download the Parent Square app from your preferred store of choice today so we can connect with you and you don’t miss any upcoming information!






Parent square flyer