• Pinole Valley High School Graduates Will Be:


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    Graduate Profile West Contra Costa Unified School District College-and-Career-Ready attributes of a WCCUSD Graduate:

    Self-Directed Learner: Continually seeks new learning for professional and personal growth through accessing appropriate resources and experiences aligned to thoughtful goals.

    Effective Communicator and Collaborator: Listens, comprehends and communicates effectively to share ideas, solve problems and motivate others to maintain positive relationships and works successfully in teams. Publically speaks and writes effectively for a variety of audiences.

    Complex, Creative and Innovative Thinker and Problem Solver: Thinks critically and creatively when problem solving by forming hypothesizes and assessing effectiveness of solutions. Draws on multiple perspectives from a variety of disciplines - the arts, humanities and sciences - when approaching complex issues and adapting to challenges.

    Quality Producer: Produces quality results consistently while demonstrating accountability, leadership and professional collegiality. Practices self-advocacy in order to produce high quality work independently. Engaged,

    Ethical, and Responsible World Citizen: Displays cultural competence and actively participates in local, civil and global communities as an environmentally and socially conscious member of a democratic society committed to a more peaceful and sustainable world.

    Effective User of Digital Literacy: Proficiently and ethically uses digital media and technology tools to analyze, organize and process information when solving problems and creating products.

    Health & Wellness Advocate: Effectively advocates for the adoption of and commitment to healthful habits including both physical and emotional wellbeing of self and others.