• Engineering Academy


    • Ms. Angela Johnson:  Lead Teacher, CIM, CEA and Math, AP Computer Science
    • Ms. Tiffany Hou : IED, POE and Physics(TBD)
    • Mr. Doug Frew:  AP Computer Science


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    The United States is losing its competitive edge in math and science while the rest of the world soars ahead.  Our knowledge capital, which fuels innovation and economy growth, is at risk.[1] This Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) crisis in America is the reason Pinole Valley High School’s Green Engineering Academy’s exist. Our mission is to afford interested students a rigorous interdisciplinary academic program using “Project lead the Way” courses that provide students with pathways to post-secondary education in the engineering/technical Industry.  The mission is achieved through study trips to technology companies, colleges, engineering companies, industry speakers, and students’ participation in after school clubs like robotics, Science and Rocketry.

    Note: All Engineering courses maybe taken as Honor courses. 

    [1]  The stem crisis -https://www.nms.org/AboutNMSI/TheSTEMCrisis.aspx