Degrees and Certifications:

Rachel Williams

Materials for Class:
1) Paper, pencil, eraser, and a highlighter
2) Textbook Course 3 for Math 8, and Geometry for Geometry stydents
3)Spiral notebook
4) Binder with four dividers (warm-up, classwork, homework, assessments)
5)Tablet fully charged
Homework: Homework is assigned, and due the following scheduled class meeting. I do no accept answers for homework.  Proper math syntax needs to be used at all times for classwork and homework. Late homework is not accepted. Complete homework is 5pts, incomplete homework is 3pts (half of the problems must be completed). 
Classwork: Done in class only. Complete classwork is 5pts, and incomplete classwork is 3pts, and at least half of the problems must be completed. Late classwork is not accepted.
Notes: Done in class only. There should be a title that is highlighted, and all problems should be completed. I deduct if there is not a title, if the title is not highlighted, and if problems are not done, or complete.
Binders: Binders should be brought to class and organized at all times. Binders will be checked, and students will be notice when binders are collected. I will check a specific section to see if the binder is neat, papers are in their proper sections, work is in chronological order with the newest assignment on top (5, 4, 3, ...) and the assignments are there that I'm checking. Points will be deducted if it's not neat or assignments are missing. I do not accept late binders because it was left home.
Last Modified on September 11, 2019