• Life Sciences


    Prerequisite: Completion of Algebra I is highly recommended
    Graduation: Satisfies the life science lab for UC/CSU and WCCUSD requirement for graduation
    Description: The study of life from the molecular level, cellular level to the whole organism. Includes the study of interactions and interrelationships of living things and their environment. This course is designed to equip the student with independent study skills and basic background to compete successfully in higher lab science courses in high school such as AP Biology and Physiology.

    Course ID#: 66300 / Grades: 9-12 / Course length: Year

    Biology Advanced Placement (H)

    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Chemistry and Biology and teacher recommendation
    Graduation: Satisfies Life Science lab requirement for UC/CSU and higher school science.
    Description: Introductory college-level course in biology with lab work, guest speakers, and class discussions. Provides students with challenging and stimulating course work and a current approach to research. Students learn about new developments in various areas of biology, including genetics , recombinant DNA techniques, ecology and body systems. Students who pass Advanced Placement test qualify for transferable college credit.

    Course ID#: 66000 / Grades: 11-12 / Course length: Year


    Introduction to Health Careers (ROP)

    Prerequisite: NONE
    Graduation: Satisfies life science or elective requirement for High School graduation.
    Description: The primary goal for this course is to prepare students for a possible career in the fields of Health, Athletic Management, Community Affairs, and Public Service. As the students's awareness of a possible career in these fields are broadened, he/she will also develop the skills necessary to be successful in a multitude of professions. Through a variety of assignments, students will develop their reading, writing, and verbal skills as well as create a personal blueprint for lifelong health living habits.

    Course ID#: 67850 / Grades: 10-12 / Course length: Year

    Health Science

    Prerequisite: NONE
    Graduation: Satisfies Life Science requirement for WCCUSD graduation.
    Description: Designed to help the student become aware of the factors which affect the health of the individual. The student will explore how everyday the decisions affect personal mental and physical health. Topics include nutrition, exercise, stress, substance abuse, disease, health services, human body systems and sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS.

    Course ID#: 67500 / Grades: 9-12 / Course length: Year



    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Biology and/or Chemistry and teacher recommendation.
    Graduation: Satisfies the Life Science Lab requirement for UC/CSU and high school science graduation requirement.
    Description: A detailed study of the functions of the human body that includes the study cell structure and specialization, the skeletal system, muscles, nervous system, digestion, respiration, circulation, the skin, excretion, endocrine system, reproduction and heredity, including the latest information on the structure and function of DNA. There will be extensive lab work in animal dissection and microscopic investigation.

    Course ID#: 68800 / Grades: 11-12 / Course length: Year