• SUMMER WORK PERMITS - If you need a work permit after June 17th, please email Delmy Cornejo at dcornejo@wccusd.net. You will need to email her a completed work permit application (below) just like you would for Ms. Prak during the school year. 


    A work permit is a legal document required by the state of California that allows a person under 18 years of age to hold a job.

    Here are the steps for obtaining a work permit:

    1. Print the work permit application below.
    2. Fill out your personal information at the top of the application. DO NOT leave anything blank.
    3. Take the form with your completed information to your prospective employer. They will need to complete the middle portion, sign and date it, and return it to you.
    4. Have your parent or guardian complete, sign and date their portion of the form.
    5. Bring or email a copy of your completed application to the principal. Your application will be reviewed, processed, and an official Work Permit will be provided. Please allow 48 hours for your permit to be processed.
    6. Take your typed work permit back to your prospective employer.


    • Your work permit can be canceled and taken away at any time by the principal. Reasons why the principal may revoke your work permit: job does not meet legal requirements, hours scheduled create truancy or absence problems for the student, demands of the job are causing the student to fail classes, etc.
    • You must obtain a new work permit each year. All work permits in the state of California expire 5 days after the start of the Fall Semester. For example, if you obtained a work permit for a job in February, and you still have that same job in August, your work permit will expire and you will need to obtain a new work permit for the new school year, even though it is the same continuing job.
    • You must obtain a work permit for each job. The work permit will no longer be valid once you leave a job.


    (California & Federal Labor Codes)

    Ages 14-15:
    School in session
    3 hours maximum per day/day before a school day
    8 hours maximum per day/day before a non-school day
    18 hours maximum per week
    Range of hours: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm any day

    Ages 16-17:
    School in session:
    4 hours maximum per day/day before a school day
    8 hours maximum per day/day before a non-school day
    28 hours total per week (may vary from district to district)
    Range of hours: 5:00 am - 10:00 pm
    5:00 pm - 12:30 am (if there is no school the next day)

    8 hours maximum per day/any day
    40 hours maximum per week
    Range of hours: 7:00 am  -9:00 pm any day


    Work Permit Application