• We are no longer accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year.
    All students interested in applying to Middle College High School must complete the Middle College High School Application for Admission packet, which becomes available Spring Semester. 

    Panel Review:

       A panel of MCHS instructors and CCC professors will review each application submitted to determine which students they feel will benefit the most from the MCHS/CCC program. 


       Students selected to attend MCHS will receive a letter of acceptance in the mail. Parents will be required to complete additional paperwork, including CCC registration, etc. The instructions on the acceptance letter must be followed exactly, and parents must contact MCHS to accept the offer of admission. Failure to complete the final steps outlined in the acceptance letter will result in the space being offered to another student. Students will be required to take a Math Placement during the first few days of the school year.
       Students who are not selected to attend MCHS will receive a letter of denial. Applications of qualified candidates who have been denied will remain on file in the office for a year. In the event of additional space opening up, either via non-acceptance of an offer, start of year no shows, or early drops, those students may be contacted and offered a space. Those who do not wish for us to keep their information for possible later enrollment, must indicate that to us upon receipt of the letter.

     MCHS does not have an appeals process.

    PLEASE NOTE: All student applications are read thoroughly and decisions made by the selection panel are final. We receive approximately 400 applications each year, for approximately 60-80 spaces. We are held to the number of applicants we can take each year by the Contra Costa Community College District. While we would love to be able to take everyone, we are limited in the number of students we can admit. Unfortunately, this means that many qualified candidates will be denied, as we cannot accommodate everyone.  
    If your student does not get accepted to MCHS, they are always welcome to apply to CCC on what is called "Concurrent Enrollment". This allows students to take courses on their own outside of regular high school hours. Information regarding concurrent enrollment will be included in the letter. You can also get more information about concurrent enrollment on the Contra Costa College website at http://www.contracosta.edu.