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    My wife and I have compiled a list of websites to go to for homework help and will continue to update it with new sites as the year goes on.  The website link will be the first line of each suggested link.  I hope you find this helpful.  Ted Dunn.

    Suggestions for success to make it

    Though Middle School

    Parents, as your student makes the transition from Elementary school to Secondary school here are some helpful suggestions to assist students to be more organized at home.

    1. Designate a study time every day – possibly in 10 to 15 minute intervals.
    2. Create a visual weekly schedule (Sunday through Thursday.)
    3. Please make sure that your student’s study area is in a place that anyone can observe them as they are working. (have a glass of water or their favorite non sugary drink available)
    4. Create a study caddy that holds all their materials for study time. (that can be taken anywhere in the home)
      1. Pencils and pens, plus a basic color pencil package.
      2. Pencil sharpener, Stapler, tape dispenser, scissors, a ruler, etc.,
      3. The object of this caddy is to avoid getting up during study time
      4. Suggestion, after each quarter, restock your study caddy and repeat the above.
    5. All electronic devices should be turned off, or moved to avoid distractions.
    6. For the school tablet:
      1. Needs to be visible to anyone who is walking by.
      2. Needs to be charging at all times so that it’s ready for school the next day.
      3. Bedrooms are not study areas, living rooms with TV’s are not study areas.
    7. You need to have a family commitment that your student is not to be disturbed while it is study time.  Hang a study time sign up so everyone's on board with the concept.
    8. A timer should be used to set the study time and rings for breaks.  
      1. This way you can monitor their time and give them rewards based on what they completed.  
      2. Let them, get up and walk around, get some exercise, or a snack, for their break.
      3. These times can be adjusted as they get more successful in getting work done.  
    9. When they complete assignments one parent or guardian should sign the page to show that the student completed the work

     A backpack is like a portable office.

    1. Empty out the backpack.
    2. Restock the portable office (the backpack)
      1. This is especially important for students that have many after school activities.
    3. Make sure that they find a special magic study/test pencil or pen.
    4. A folder for each class to turn in work (best to buy clear folders)
      1. This will help in keep track of what they have completed (especially to combat the “I thought I turned it in syndrome” when it was really at the bottom of the backpack)
      2. Teachers pass out some type of document that is important for assignments and this way your student has a way of keeping it in an important place.

    The above is good for any student of any age.  Siblings studying together is a good thing.  Adjust study times based on their ages.

    If you find any resources that we can add to these pages please send me an e-mail at edunn@wccusd.net and I will add it to our list.
Last Modified on January 19, 2018