Pinole Middle School Expectations

    Be Responsible

    Be Respectful

     Be Safe

    Course Title:  Physical Education Pinole Middle School: 2021-22


    Teacher:  Nicole Gomes Office: 510-231-1436 Ext-26340


    Email:  ngomes@wccusd.net

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    Program Description

    The Pinole Middle school Physical Education program aims to ensure all our students will feel safe, and welcomed during class.  Our mission is to support our students in their quest to become physically literate athletes. We will use the *California State Adopted standards to guide our teaching throughout the year.  Physical literacy:   is the ability to move with competence and confidence in a wide variety of physical activities in multiple environments that benefit the healthy development of the whole person.  

    Click Here> *CA. State P.E. Standards


    1.  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday:  Movement Skills, and Fitness Activities.
    2. Wednesday:  Cali-Reads, and project learning.


    Required Materials:


    1.  Physical Education uniform.  2.Tablets for Wednesday

           Grading:   School-wide scale:


      90-100% = A   80-89%= B  70-79%=C   60-69%= D    59%=F





    Physical participation in daily activities, and dressing:

    - Daily 5 points total

    Warm up : 2

    Activity : 2

    Dressing: 1


    Skills and Fitness Tests: 

    -8 per quarter

    5 Points 


    Wednesday Assignments:

    -8 per quarter

    5 Points


    Final Quarter Project 

    25 Points



    *Please check PowerSchool weekly for updates on grades. 

    You can get your PowerSchool login information from the main office: Barragan, Daisy:  Records Clerk, Main Office

    Email: Daisy.Barragan@wccusd.net Extension: 26300


    1. Absences are excused if powerschool indicates your absence is excused.
    2. If you are absent- please talk to your teacher about makeup work.
    3.  If you are absent please check google classroom for daily assignments, and information.


    COMMUNICATION:  Please email me with concerns; this is the best way to get in touch with me. I will get back to you within 2 days.  You may also check Google classroom for class information.


    1. Students are required to wear a physical education uniform for P.E.  
    2. The prefered uniform is the school P.E. clothing.
    3. You may purchase your uniform from the main office or online.   

    Click here to purchase P.E. uniform online

    1. Put your name on your clothing.
    2. If you chose to wear something else:  It must be plain athletic clothing consisting of shorts and t-shirt.  Sweats are also ok.  Gray and black are the only colors allowed.
    3. Please change into your school clothes after P.E. class.  
    4.  Don’t wear your P.E. uniform over your school clothes for safety, and comfortability reasons.
    5.  Running shoes with laces are required to participate in activities. 
    6. Take your P.E. clothes home on Fridays to wash and bring them back on Monday.
    7. If you don’t dress for P.E., or wear the appropriate shoes for P.E. you will not be allowed to participate in the activities for safety reasons.  You can walk to receive half the participation points for the day.


    As an incentive:  If you dress every day for an entire month, you will be given a free dress pass.  You may use this pass anytime you would like.  You are still required to participate in the class activities.  You will still need to wear athletic tennis shoes.


    1. We only allow the school issued purple combination locks on the P.E. lockers. 

    * Please note:  The school issued purple lock is on loan for the 2021-22 school year.  

    *Locks must be returned at the end of the school year.  

    *If a lock is lost- the student will have to pay $7.00 to receive a new lock. 

    * If the lock is not returned at the end of year- a $7.00 fee will be charged.

    * If you choose to not use a locker- you must carry your P.E. clothes with you daily.  Thank you for your support on this.

    1. Once a student is an expert at opening the lock, a locker will be issued.
    2. Fill out a notecard when you are assigned a locker. 
    3. Please fill out the Google form also with all your lock information.
    4. Put your combination in a safe place:  cell phone or tablet.
    5. Do not share your combination with anyone.
    6. Do not share your locker with anyone.
    7. Do not switch your locker without notifying your teacher.  
    8. You have 5 minutes to change in the locker room.  Please be quick.


    1.  Be on time to your roll call spot.
    2. Come to class with a positive attitude.  Be ready to be active and learn.
    3. Respect everyone in the class at all times.
    4. Use appropriate language when speaking to your classmates, and be supportive.    
    5. Participate in the class activities safely, and appropriately.  
    6. No food, gum, and drinks are allowed.  Water in a water bottle is ok.  
    7. Electronic devices are to be left in your back packs and turned off.  
    8. Leave your back packs in your locker in the locker room.  
    9. Lock your belongings at all times.
    10. Remain in class at all times. Stay in the locker room until you are excused.
    11. If you need to use the restroom or need to go to the office please ask for a pass. 
    12. Put equipment away at the end of class.
    13. Please notify your teacher immediately if you need assistance or have a question.  Example:  

    *If you hurt or don’t feel good please notify your teacher right away.

    *If you are having an issue with another student, notify your teacher right away.

     *If you notice something is broken and needs to be fixed, notify your teacher right away.

    *If you notice another student needs assistance please notify a teacher right away.


      1.  If you are injured or sick please bring a note (or email) from a parent or a doctor. 
      2. A doctor’s note is required if your injury or illness lasts longer than 5 days.
      3. Please explain the issue, and the date when your child will be able to resume activities.
      4. For ongoing medical issues please provide documentation from a medical doctor.  A 504 plan will need to be put into place so accommodations or modifications can be provided.  
      5. If a student needs to take medication(ex> albuterol for asthma) for physical activity there must be a permission slip to self administer on file in the main office.
    • While on modified or restricted activities student’s will be required to do alternative assignments to receive their full participation points.   



Last Modified on August 27, 2021