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    my overall philosophy in teaching is to first get students to become the strongest student he or she can be... then become subject specific from there.
    your patience in working together during this technological transition to the common core is appreciated.  thank you! 
  • Math Instructor: Mr. Ameer J. Ross


    Math8 Distance Learning Management Plan


    This class is a math class and I will teach you almost everything you need to know about the subject but first we must continue to learn how to be students.  After that we can try and learn some math.  My class will concentrate on the state common core standards for your grade level.  My goal is to prepare you for the next grade level(s) of math and if you listen close enough; life.  We will start with the cdistance learning rules and procedures.


    Classroom Laws:

    Respect yourself, your classmates by not talking out of turn. mute your computer when necessary.

    Using electronic devices is enabled



    Students participate as best as you can.


    These rules are to be followed at all times during Mr. Ross’s class time.  Failure to comply with these rules will result in some sort of disciplinary action.  This will be a work in progress.  I’ll keep saying this has never happen before until everyone understands it.  Including myself. This process of distance learning must be about participation.  It takes effort to log in and participate in whatever is or isn’t planned.  You will get credit for participating.  My initial thought is to give 1,000 points of participation to begin each quarter.  Initial thought.  Every thing and all things can change.  These are my initial plans and thoughts.  Your goal should be to keep all of your participation points by at least attempting all activities assigned.  This also includes showing up for zoom calls and google meet-ups.  The grade audit(s) will be random.  Meaning you may not be called out or on every time but when you are you will be expected to participate to keep your participation points.      


    Negative ( - ):  Points will be taken away, for the day, to those students that fail to fully participate. Materials, absences and tardies will be discussed and incoproated at a later date.


    Zero ( 0 ):  Really no such thing as zero points “yet” with regards to participation.  You’re either gaining or losing points for now.


    Positive ( + ): Positive points will be given to all students to begin the quarter. A “G” if you will.  One – thousand points …it will be up to you to keep these points through participation and communication.   


    In summary do all your work and show up for all activities to keep and maintain all of your points.    


    Further Disciplinary Action:

    Call Home – A call home will be placed basically to figure out where you have been or why your grade has become so low.


    Detention – Welp.  Can’t exactly give detentions now can I however …if and when you receive a detention we can just keep the cameras on and stare at each other for 30 minutes (not doing that!)


    “Detentions” will be served at one of the designated after school times.


    Referral – You can or will get referrals to counselors if you are not participating in a positive way. 


    Teacher Conference – Again calling home will be for communication purposes but the counselors will probably create a zoom or google call with all of your teachers if your grade(s) slip.


    * Discipline has never been the key or my key to learning.  To a fault maybe I’ve always believed it is about the grade.  It is the purest form of what goes on in the classroom.  It’s never ever been about being a class clown or being sent to the office.  It’s about wanting to get the best grade that you can.  If if you want to get a grade you will.  Nothing.  Including covid19 can stop you from doing that.


    Distance Learning Procedures: 

    Beginning of School Day or Period – Log in to google classroom the daily posted event(s)


    End of School Day or Period – Log off respectfully.  Say bye if Zooming or Google Meeting


    Sharpening Pencils – please always have multiple pencils available.  Math must still be done with pencil and paper whenever possible.


    Answering Questions – if video chatting. you can send a question to the chat and or unmute yourself to ask a question. I will provide other ways of asking questions as well.  Including email.  Google voice, text and eventually snapchat. 


    Folder – please maintain a folder with all relevant scratch work with math opportunities.


    Missed assignments – all assignments missed will have an opportunity to be completed.


    Dress Code – on video calls some sort of dress code must be adhered to


    Failure to comply with these procedures will result in point reductions in weekly participation grading and or further disciplinary action.


    Grading Policy:

    A            .             .             .             .             100% - 90%

    B            .             .             .             .             89% - 80%

    C            .             .             .             .             79% - 70%

    D            .             .             .             .             69% - 60%


    *students are encouraged to keep a personal track of all assignments and points received; percentages are from total points given in the class


    Grading Topics:


    *Here is a list of grading topics and activities I would like to get to throughout the school year


    Composition Book

    Class Participation



    Khan Academy

    Big Ideas



    Math Playground

    You Cubed

    Math 180

    Google Classroom

    Google Meet / Hangout



    Grading Expectations:

    Composition Book:  Quarter, Day and Date weekly notes with Agenda and or schedule, Warm-ups(Do Nows), Notes, Practice Problems(Guided Practice / You Try’s) and “mLogs” per week;


    Folder: loose papers including scratch work but an attempt should be made to get all math material into a composition book.


    Technology Assignment:  Complete all tablet and online activities assigned


    Class Participation:  Understand the positive, zero and negative point system and make it work for you not against you.





    Everyday Home Items:  Have these items ready everyday before class

    • Computer Tablet (Charged)
    • Textbook (optional)
    • Folder
    • Composition Book
    • 2 Pencils
    • 1 Pen
    • College Rule Binder Paper and or Graph Paper


Last Modified on August 20, 2020