• PTSA Message from PTSA President, Denise Roby


    Dear Parents,

    I would like to welcome everyone to the 2020-2021 school year. My name is Denise. I
    currently have a senior at Pinole Valley, where I also serve on the PTSA board as
    Secretary. I have an 8th grader here at Pinole Middle and am the current PTSA
    President and an employee in Special Ed as well.

    I have held different PTA board positions over the past 13 years at Ellerhorst, Pinole Middle, and Pinole Valley.
    My goals for the PTSA are to support and encourage. The PTSA, along with the Pinole
    Middle staff and parents are already showing their support. Our first PTSA meeting was
    a success and our Membership drive is well on its way to meeting our goal. I would like
    to thank all of the families and staff that attended our first meeting and that have joined
    our PTSA.

    If you have not joined yet, here is the link:https://jointotem.com/ca/pinole/pinole-middle-ptsa

    I remember being leery when I went to my very first PTA meeting. My thoughts
    included being made to feel guilty if I did not help in some way. That was definitely a
    misinterpretation on my part. Coming to a PTSA meeting helps everyone understand
    what the PTSA does. We are not a group of “in” friends who have coffee mornings
    together (Though we do try and make time for some fun)! We are a dedicated team
    who believe in helping the children in the school and would LOVE new ideas and hands
    on help from our parents. Not only do we organize fundraisers for our school, but also
    support the staff and teachers physically and financially when we can. Our PTSA in the
    past has funded classroom supplies, classroom projects, DJs for dances, decorations
    for events, supplies for rallies and so much more…

    Becoming involved has not only benefited my kids, but myself as well. I have
    developed friendships and a vast network of resources through my years of
    volunteering with the PTSA. All of this was made available to me just by taking that first
    step in attending my very first PTA meeting over 13 years ago.

    I am looking forward to a great year of being able to interact with the parents and staff
    even if it is just through Zoom for now. Please remember that what we as parents put
    into our school, will only help strengthen the bond between children, parents, teachers,
    staff, and the community. I look forward to meeting you all, maybe even at our next PTSA


    Denise Roby
    PTSA President

Last Modified on October 21, 2020