• School Site Council (SSC) 

    The School Site Council (SSC) is a state-mandated organization made up of an equal number of community members (parents) and staff members elected to serve for a two-year term. The SSC studies achievement and enrollment data and suggests changes in the education program accordingly, directing the expenditure of state funds by forming an academic plan for the year ahead. Being familiar with academic needs, they also assemble a budget for any State or District funding that may be available for our school.

    To join the SSC, indicate your interest to the Community Outreach Coordinator, who will put your name on the ballot. Elections are held in the fall for two-year terms.  Contact: Mrs. Ames at (510) 231-1414, ext 23613.

    The School Site Council meets every month in the parent resource center, room13. The meeting schedule is posted on the SSC bulletin board in the front hallway.

School Site Council
  • School Site Council elections will start on September! 

    More details to follow.

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