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Ms. Stephanie Sanchez

Sheldon Family,
Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! It has been quite some time since we have all been in person together. This past year and a half has been a tumultuous time for most of us. Some of us have lost loves ones or you or someone you know has been ill. We have witnessed division in our nation due to our differing perspectives. Many of us have been impacted economically. What I think most of us have learned through all of it is most of desire unity, empathy, and human connection in our lives and communities.

The theme I have chosen for this school year is “Stronger Together.” Our staff has been learning the importance of coming together towards a common vision. We are planning to create school spaces where we can build strong relationships with fellow staff and with our students and their families. Today, I invite you to join us in making our community stronger by working together with one another.

This first week will have some wrinkles to iron out as we all have a new way of doing school. We will get through this successfully if we come together and support one another through this. This is going to take a large dose of patience. Patience for our school staff who is learning new safety protocols and schedules. Patience in the parking lot if you have to wait a bit longer or are asked to move your car. Patience with your child’s teacher if they do not respond to Class Dojo messages immediately. It will also take supporting one another as much as possible. I am so thankful for our community. I see parents on ClassDojo answer other parents’ questions. Our PTA worked hard to help beautiful our school for our return. Hope you spot the changes they made! This kind of support will enable us to navigate this journey successfully. This kind of support is what makes me so proud to be a part of the Sheldon community.
To ensure that our safety protocols are clear to students and staff, I will be unable to answer Class Dojo questions or messages for the next week. If you have a question, please call our school directly or email us at If our office staff does know your answer, they will be in communication with me and follow-up with you with the information you seek. Additionally, I encourage all families to be proactive in notifying your child’s teacher if they have any illness like asthma or food allergies that we should be aware of. Finally, please read through the following reminders below to ensure we are working together to make our first week safe and smooth!
• Masks are required indoors and outdoors
• Monday is a minimum day. TK-3 are dismissed at 1:45pm and 4-6th are dismissed at 2:05pm.
• Please remember your child’s dismissal zone. Please watch the orientation video and see our class list on our website to get dismissal zone information (
• Send your child with a sweater or coat since classroom windows and doors will be open.
• If you can walk to school, I encourage you to do so. We encourage you to remain in your car and loop around the parking lot if you do not see your child right away.

Thank you Sheldon community for who you are and all we do! This year we WILL grow stronger together!

Ms. Sanchez