• Our Vision: Creating a community of lifelong learners.

    We believe lifelong learners are:

    Critical thinkers:  We want to know “why” and “how,” find solutions to problems and interrupt injustices surrounding us. We are reflective and have an informed opinion. 

    Inquisitive: We have an active desire to learn from others, seek information and experiences. We want to know and understand our communities and the world. Our minds anticipate new ideas and possibilities.

    Interdependent: We work on developing our skills, communicating our needs, know how to acquire needed resources, and contribute to our community. We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us and we do what we can for those who will come after us. We are connected to and work in harmony with those around us. We are grateful for our support systems.

    Motivated to Make a Positive Change: We have dreams and establish goals to fulfill them. We have a growth mindset, believing that hard work is a key to our success. We persevere even when we make mistakes and experience obstacles. We strive to be impactful.

    Our Values: We are the home of the SHARKS! 


    Show respect

    Help others

    Accept others

    Be Responsible

    Use kind words and 

    Practice Self-motivation