Listas de Vocabulario


    Use the links bellow for due work and practice:


    PP TB 74-75 VC to do

    PP -TB 74-75 VC done



    About files codes and names

    Files ending in "to do" are for due work:

    • Files assigned as due work start wiht the same code of the given assignment as they appear in Power School:
      • PP -Power Point Presentations
      • HO -Handouts

    etc. ...

    Some of these files have been converted to different formats from the one presented in clas: for instance, from Presentations to PDFs, etc. ...


    • Make sure you write the exact tag reference code and full name for each assignment you turn in.
    • Continue checking Power School for due work.


    Files ending in "done" are for practice:


    About presentations

       How to view the presentations:

    • Power Point presentations will be downloaded when you press the link.
    • Once opened, press the "enter"or space key in your keyboard to move forward if the animations do not show or the slides do not advance on their own.
    • You can also use the arrow keys to move back and forward.
    • Press the "Escape" key to leave the presentation.





Last Modified on January 27, 2018