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Titan Raffle Wishlist

Hello Hercules Middle School Community!
This year, we're offering raffle prizes for students who would like to enter using a Titan Ticket! Titan Tickets are distributed by teachers and staff when they acknowledge a student being kind, responsible, and/or safe. To enter the raffle, students only need to come by room 307 during lunch and pick which raffle they'd like to enter. Entries are unlimited, and the tickets not chosen will be passed into another end-of-year raffle for a larger prize! Make sure to write your name on your Titan Ticket when you enter!
Our first raffle ends this Friday, Dec. 8, and it's for a hologram basketball light and for a baby Yoda foldable laundry basket. Raffles will take place every few weeks. We have enough prizes to get us through the winter but will run out come this Spring and into the Summer months before leaving in June. If you'd like to purchase a small gift to add to our raffle prizes, please see the Amazon wishlist below for ideas.
Thank you from everyone here at Hercules Middle School!