• Welcome to the Montalvin ManorK-8!

    Dear Families, 

    Montalvin Manor K-8 is located in an unincorporated area of the West Contra Costa Unified School District. The San Pablo Bay surrounds the school to the North, San Pablo Ave to the South, open fields to the West and Christine Drive to the East. This gives a feeling of a small town to the residents. The area is however, isolated for the rest of San Pablo and Richmond. There are no local libraries or recreation facilities nearby. The housing area was developed after World War I and consists of many rental homes. Recently it became a redevelopment district and many homes are being remodeled and development is underway, which will provide a more socially and economically diverse community.

    Montalvin Manor strives to provide a stimulating learning environment, which challenges the entire school (students, teacher’s administrators, and staff members) to reach their maximum potential. We seek to develop the student’s maturity and self-esteem to enable them to deal successfully with their education and their private lives in years to come. This is accomplished in a setting in which expectations are high:ideas and experiences are varied; and the parents are involved.

    The academic emphasis at our school is on literacy and applied mathematics. Our teachers will provide a balanced, comprehensive program with full access to the core curriculum and through tutoring and early intervention when needed through schoolwide efforts.

    Preschool students have the opportunity to participate in teacher-directed, child-centered and self-initiated activities throughout the daily routine. Children improve their oral language in English through planning and reviewing, expanded cognitive and motor skills during work and small group times, enhance their social/emotional and gross and fine motor skills during work outside and at mealtime. Throughout the day they learn about themselves and the cultures of their classmates.

    Make sure to look at our Vision and Schoolwide Priorities to learn more about our school.


    Katherine Acosta-Verpraskus