Montalvin logo Katherine Acosta-Verpraskus
Born and raised in Lima, Peru and moved to Kansas when she was 10 years old. Katherine is a first-generation college student and earned her master's and undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas. She is dedicated to serving youth and supporting them to reach their goals and dream. In the past she has served as a vice principal in a K-8th school in East Oakland and as a special education teacher at Lincoln Elementary School in WCCUSD. Ms. Acosta-Verprauskus values working in partnership
 Montalvin logo Michael Small
Vice Principal
I was born and raised in Maryland and came to the Bay Area as a professional musician in 2006. I play many instruments! I got into education while giving lessons at a school and fell in love with the art of teaching. I have taught Middle School Math and Science for ten years prior to coming to Montalvin. I have a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from Mills College and am currently finishing up a Doctorate degree. I am very excited to be the new Vice Principal of a great school in a great
 Montalvin logo Kim Kays
Dean of Climate & Culture Unconditional Education Coach
Born and raised in the Midwest, Ms. Kays brings nearly 15 years of experience as an educator, school leader, and nonprofit founder and director. Her experience in education spans from Kindergarten to Twelfth Grade general music, theater, dance, and technology. Most recently, she was the Interim Assistant Principal at Erie Elementary Charter School in Chicago where she coached teachers in classroom culture, student engagement, and effective teaching strategies. She attended Greenville College, ea

Office Staff

 Montalvin logo Donnell Bonini
Office Manager
 Montalvin logo Nelda R. Welten
Typist Clerk Bil./ Translator

Ms. Neldas worked for the NASA Space Center Houston and met very interesting people and Astronauts. She is married to Dr. Kees Welten of UC Berkeley and has three daughters and one grandson, Nolan. She was born and raised in Brownsville, Texas. She has 5 sisters and 2 brothers. She attended Porter High School in TX and is a big Dallas Cowboys fan. Her interests are meeting new people, getting to know them, and learning about their culture. Her hobbies are shopping, gambling and wine tasting.

 Montalvin logo Stephanie Lucero
Transitional Kindergarten
 Montalvin logo Carmen Flores
Transitional Kindergarten Aide
 Montalvin logo Ana Maria Libunao
 Montalvin logo Erika Hix
 Montalvin logo Maria Gonzalez
 Montalvin logo Martinique Perry
1st Grade
 Montalvin logo Laura Terry
1st Grade
 Montalvin logo Kelly Becker
1st Grade

Where did you grow up? Lancaster CA and Pacific Grove CA Where did you attend college/university? University of California Santa Barbara Graduated with Master of Education What are your hobbies? Spending time with my family
Why do you like teaching or why did you become a teacher? I became a teacher because I knew it would be fulfilling and it has been. As a graduate of Cal State Monterey Bay I learned the value of hard work and as UCSB graduate I learned the importance of research and continuously working to become a better teacher. I teach because I have pride in the schools I've taught at and I apply this to my classroom and my every day life.
What do you like about Montalvin Manor K-8? I love the community, sense of family, the pride, and the growth mindset of the team here at Montalvin! Is there anything else you would like to share? I grew up in the desert in the aerospace industry and I love magic mountain and Disneyland. I've gotten to see the Gates of Ghiberti, I sampled crepes on the streets of Paris, and I was a secretary at the rocket site that launched the Mars Rover.
Family is everything to me and my family began in Pacific Grove. I love falling asleep to the sound of waves and waking up to the smell of seaweed. I've always known I wanted to be a teacher, a wife, and a mom, and I am so lucky to be all of these things, especially at Montalvin.

 Montalvin logo Susan King
2nd Grade
 Montalvin logo Zsarleen Posadas
2nd Grade
 Montalvin logo Aaron Leonard
2nd Grade
 Montalvin logo Renae Kekauala
3rd Grade
 Montalvin logo Ronald Serranzana
3rd Grade
 Montalvin logo Gary Collins
3rd Grade
 Montalvin logo Beth Levine
4th Grade, Literacy
 Montalvin logo Erica Fisher
4th Grade, Math
 Montalvin logo Ethan Sorscher
5th Grade, Math & Science

Where did you grow up? I grew up in the East Bay of California. Where did you attend college? I went to UC Davis and CSU Sacramento.
Why did you become a teacher? 1) I get to learn new things every day. 2) I get to share what I know every day. 3) I get to see the joy that human beings experience when they learn new things. 4) I get to help people learn how to be human beings as well as academics. 5) If I am good at my job, more people will grow up to be productive, tax-paying members of society that contribute to my Social Security/ Medicare.
What do you like about Montalvin? The sense of community among staff and families, the pervasive and empowering solutions-oriented mindset that everyone seems to share, the clean and well-maintained facilities, the comprehensive school-wide systems in place to promote behavior and growth mindset, the students are eager to learn and want to do well, the material support for teachers to do the job, the new copier, the abundant supply of paper, the breakfast potluck, the food at PDs/ meetings,
the reliable and beneficial Wednesday PD/Collaboration schedule, and much, much, more! There is nothing I do not like. What are your hobbies? I love Reading, Watching Netflix, Taking Naps, and Playing Video Games.

 Montalvin logo Jessie Welcomer
5th Grade Literacy
 Montalvin logo Shaundra Miller-Washington
6/7 Grade, Science & Visual Performing Arts
 Montalvin logo Shelly Moore
6/7 Grade, Math & History
 Montalvin logo Sandra Holloway
6/7 Grade, Middle School, Literacy
 Montalvin logo Mr. Castro
zSharp Music Teacher, Grade TK-8