• Seneca's Unconditional Education (UE) Team at Wilson is meant to provide student support, mental health & social-emotional interventions for students, and support school staff with resources and training to creating a lasting system of positive behavioral interventions and supports. As part of Wilson & Seneca's "Collaborative Model" pilot, a clinical intervention specialist, behavioral support specialist, and a student support assistant, are on campus to specifically support K-1 students and classrooms. The Unconditional Education coach focuses on support grades 2-6 with work around campus climate and culture, parent engagement, and the design of behavioral and social-emotional interventions for students. The goal of the UE and collaborative models is to help Wilson's staff and families create a campus where everyone is welcome, students and teachers have skills and tools to maintain a positive climate, and to ensure these things are sustainable.

    Seneca helps to facilitate Wilson's "Culture & Climate" team, which will create a variety of supports, policies, and practices for all students, informed by students, parents, and staff. Each year, the UE Coach and Culture & Climate team utilize an "Annual Implementation Plan" to set goals and track the impact of their work on the campus. Seneca staff work directly with Wilson's mental health and psychological service providers, full-inclusion and special education instructors, and all external partners providing programs and support.

Wilson care process flow chart