• Applications for the 2022-2023 school year will be available in January


    All students interested in applying to Middle College High School must complete the MCHS Application for Admission which will be available here in January.
    All MCHS applications must be submitted online. Paper applications or documentation will NOT be accepted.
    • You must be a WCCUSD resident
    • You must have an exceptional attendance record (less than 70 periods/10 days/2 weeks, and few tardies)
    • You must have an exemplary behavior record
    • You must complete and submit the MCHS Application for Admission by the deadline
    1. Email your current English teacher, current Math teacher, and your counselor, with links to their recommendation pages and ask them for confirmation of submission. The links will be provided here when the application goes live.
    2. Access the MCHS Application for Admission, which will go live in January.
    3. For the student essay, you will need to print the essay page and complete the essay in your own handwriting. You will need to upload your completed essay.
    4. Answer all questions honestly and to the best of your ability.
    5. Upload the requested documents (the following formats will be accepted: pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, csv, txt, rtf, html, zip, mp3, wma, mpg, flv, avi, jpg, jpeg, png, gif)
    6. Complete the application, making sure to include all requested information.



    • Birth Certificate/Passport — formal documentation showing student's legal name (photocopy is acceptable)
    • Immunization Record — must show complete up-to-date immunizations, including TDap.
    • Proof of 2 Years of Enrollment in California Schools- verification that the student has been enrolled in California schools for the last 2 years must be attached. Acceptable documentation can be report cards, transcripts (unofficial is okay), letters from a school official. If you have taken college classes, you can upload a copy of your unofficial transcript here, along with your other document.
    • Proof of WCCUSD Residency — verification that the student resides in the WCCUSD area must be attached. Submit (with current address visible) a copy of a current utility bill (PG&E, EBMUD, Richmond Sanitary, etc.) dated within the last 45 days in the parent's name, or a lease/rental agreement in the parent's name stating that utilities are included in the rent. If the student resides with another family, or the family is unable to provide proof of residence, please contact the district Transfer Office for assistance.
    • Parent Identification (Photocopy of Parent's State Issued CA Driver's License or State ID) — this is required to show intent to reside in California in order to be coded as a resident by the college, and to avoid non-resident fees. If you are unable to provide this, please include a note with your application explaining your situation.
    Completed applications must be submitted by 11:59 pm on the deadline date provided on the application.
    Late submissions will not be accepted, as the application submission window will disable at 12 am.
    DO NOT submit applications via email, in person, or by fax.  They will NOT be accepted.
    We will NOT accept late or incomplete applications.


    Initial Review:

    Your application will be processed and checked for completeness, and that you meet the residency, attendance and disciplinary requirements. Applications that pass this Initial Review will move on to the Panel Review. Those that do not pass the Initial Review will be coded as non-accept. We will not contact you to provide the missing information. It is your responsibility to submit a COMPLETE application.
    Panel Review:
    A panel of MCHS instructors and CCC professors will review each application to determine students who they feel will benefit the most from the MCHS/CCC program. All applicants that pass the Panel Review will move on to the Final Review.
    Final Review:
    Our panel will determine which applicants will be accepted into the program, as we can only accept a limited number of incoming students.  In the event an applicant declines their acceptance, a non-accept from this review may be contacted for admittance.


    Students selected to attend MCHS will receive an email at the address(es) provided on the application. You will be required to formally accept the offer of admission, and complete additional paperwork, including CCC registration, etc. The instructions in the acceptance letter must be followed exactly. Failure to complete the final steps outlined in the acceptance letter, by the deadline stated in the email, will result in your space being offered to another student.
    Students who are not selected to attend MCHS will receive an email of non-acceptance at the address(es) provided on the application. Your information will remain on file with MCHS for one year. In the event of additional space opening up due to non-acceptance of an offer, start of year no shows, or early drops, you may be contacted. 


    Please note when applying, that all student applications are read thoroughly and that decisions made by the panel are FINAL. We receive approximately 300-400 applications each year, for approximately 70-80 spaces. We are held to the number of applicants we can take each year by the Contra Costa Community College Board. While we would love to be able to take everyone, we are limited in the number of students we can admit.
    If your student does not get accepted to MCHS, they are always welcome to apply to CCC on a concurrent enrollment contract on their own and take courses outside of their regular school hours. Information regarding concurrent enrollment will be included in the non-accept letter, as well as on the Contra Costa College website at www.contracosta.edu. You will also be welcome to re-apply for the following school year.