• Get Involved

    Interested in getting involved? Join one of the following clubs or talk to your child's teacher about what you can do to help out. Thank you!

    School Site Council is the governing body of the school and determines budget expenditures and the focus of the school, as reflected in the school plan. Join us in the library most 3rd Monday from 5-6 pm. Check out our calander for more specific dates.
    PTA is the body that supports all the extra supplies, equipment, disaster materials, student assemblies and any thing else they feel is for the good of our students. They are always looking for parents to help them help the children. We meet in the multi-purpose room on the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 6-7 pm. Join us and visit our website!
    ELAC is the second language students' governing body when making decisions about how to spend their budgets and the focus of instruction for our English language learners. It plays a vital role in our school and is a member of the district advisory committee as well. We meet every 3rd Monday in the library.

    Volunteer: Schools thrive with volunteers. Whether with PTA or driving on field trips, checking homework, reading with students, doing things at night for a teacher or be a classroom mom or dad; there is always a need for volunteers. If you wish to volunteer in the classrooms, come to the office and get a volunteer packet. Children learn best when the whole community is involved. Get a district badge to volunteer in classrooms and around campus.

    We can always use:
    > readers
    > noon and after school sports programs
    > library volunteers
    > noon supervision
    > after school tutorials
    > out reach
    > earthquake/disaster preparedness
    Stewart welcomes all the support and assistance it can get. If you have an idea to help support the school, please let us here from you. Together we can only improve our students opportunities.