The West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) is committed to providing a positive school climate that is supportive, and conducive to learning for all members of the school environment. To this end, the WCCUSD utilizes data-based decision making, and multi-tiered systems of support. The WCCUSD believes in creating a District-wide, positive relationship based culture that supports all members of the school district community. This support is grounded in restorative practices, positive behavior, interventions and support (PBIS), and trauma informed practices. This multi-tiered system of support is characterized by active parent engagement and the consistent use of effective school and classroom management strategies. A school climate that sets the tone for learning and teaching will minimize the need for disciplinary measures that exclude students from the classrooms and campus that disrupt instruction.

    The West Contra Costa Unified School District’s goal is to maximize the learning potential of each student by creating school climates that are emotionally safe, trusting, and nurture mutually respectful relationships among students, between students and staff and between parents and staff. Every student has the right to receive an education in a safe, respectful, and welcoming school environment. Every educator has the right to teach in a school environment in which barriers to learning and teaching are effectively addressed and effective interventions and supports are readily available.

    Hercules Middle School utilizes Titan tickets to incentivize students to follow our behavior expectations of being kind, responsible and safe. The behavior expectations are outlined for the different areas on campus on the Hercules Middle School PBIS matrix (see below). This matrix is included in the student handbook. 

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