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    Digital Learning Challenge Competition for the weeks of March 16th through March 27th:

    Check Google Classroom each weekday for that day's challenge. The top-performing students will receive prizes when class resumes!

    Important Notes: 
    INSTRUCTABLES - Make sure that you have turned in your Instructables.com link on Google Classroom. Students who were unable to present their project to the class will not lose points, but Mr. Gadd does need the link to your project page in order to give you a grade.
    ACCELERATED READER QUIZZES - AR Quiz 3 is canceled. As long as you completed the first two AR quizzes, you will get all of your reading points for this report card period. Students who already completed their third AR Quiz before the due date will receive extra credit points.

    Find out other information you need to know by clicking on the link to your class below!

    1st Period - 6th Grade English

    2nd Period - 6th Grade English

    3rd Period - 6th Grade English

    4th Period - 6th Grade English

    5th Period - ELD

    Google Calendar: