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Principal's Message

Hello E.M. Downer Families,

Welcome to May! I hope all is well with you and your families.

There are two big things I'd like to share this week:

1) This week is Teacher Appreciation Week! Thank you to all of our wonderful teachers who do so much for our students and community. Throughout the week, Mrs. Gonzalez and I will be sharing something wonderful about each teacher on Class Dojo to celebrate and thank them for everything they do for our students. We invite you to share something you appreciate about a teacher with them or you may share something at this link: You can draw a thank you card and then take a photo, you can write something and take a photo, create a Google Slide presentation, type something and share it, or think of something creative to send to your teacher. Thank them in whatever way you'd like!

2) During these challenging times the WCCUSD Community Engagement Office helped to assemble a team at each school site to address the needs of our families. Since the school closures, the team created a system designed to support the families within the WCCUSD school district. If you are in need of any materials, food, resources, or financial support, please fill out the following survey:
This survey is confidential to our school site and will only be read by one our Rapid Relief Team Members: Principal, Chris Read, Vice Principal, Ruby Gonzalez, Beacon Director, Natasha Hancock, and our School Community Outreach Worker, Gloria Orozco. We will have a staff member reach out to you sometime this week or next week to begin to assist you if you fill out this survey.

Remember, if you'd like to be contacted by an office staff member, please fill this form out:

I hope you have a great week!