• E.M. Downer

    E.M. Downer Elementary School is a place “where our community thrives” because we focus on the whole child. We provide an encouraging and engaging learning environment that supports every student. This is accomplished in a setting in which expectations are high and there is evidence of continuous growth.  Everyone belongs in our learning community. We believe that when given the right support, all can develop academically, emotionally, socially and physically. 


    Students, families, and staff trust each other and feel safe, cared for, and valued. We create partnerships with families built on communication and a common purpose of ensuring every student urgently meets their goals. We are professionals driven to improve our practice and find different ways to inspire and grow. We embrace mistakes as learning opportunities and face challenges with compassion and courage.

    Our hallways come alive with student work that celebrate grit and growth. Classrooms buzz with academic discussions and active learning. Every member is invested in their learning because they have opportunities for voice, choice, and leadership. Our community plays hard and eats well to stay active and healthy. On the playground students and staff play games that teach compassion, teamwork and sportsmanship. We smile, greet each other, and all do our part to make our school clean, safe and a friendly place to be. We celebrate successes and build community through traditions, study trips, and showcases.


    Dual Language Immersion (DLI) began at  E.M. Downer Elementary School in 2018 - 2019. This new model of the bilingual education program is designed for all students to achieve biliteracy and bilingualism in English and Spanish by 6th grade. Students who speak English or Spanish before enrolling in kindergarten may join the program. Transfer students will be accepted from other schools in our District, but priority for the program will go to E. M. Downer School residents. If you'd like more information click here. 

Last Modified on May 8, 2020