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Term Ends Member Name / Vacancies Category
VACANT Building Trades
1/17/2021 Sallie DeWitt Business Organization
VACANT El Cerrito Resident
2/10/2021 Anton Jungherr Hercules Resident
7/24/20 Vanessa Hill Parent or Guardian
VACANT Pinole Resident
4/10/2020 Cameron Moore PTA/Site Council
08/06/21 Guadalupe Enllana Richmond Resident
VACANT Richmond Resident
5/24/21 Don Gosney Richmond Resident
Vacant San Pablo Resident
3/28/2021 Gregg Visineau Senior Citizen’s Organization
VACANT Solutions Team
VACANT Student
03/05/2021 Lorraine Humes Taxpayers
VACANT Unincorporated Area
VACANT VACANT Unincorporated Area
WCCUSD Employee Unions