• Meeting the Needs of All Students

    The staff at Lupine Hills Elementary School strives to provide a challenging curriculum for all students. All students receive differentiated instruction by our hardworking classroom teachers. The Resource Specialist Program provides individualized instruction for students identified as having learning disabilities. The Full Inclusion Program supports students with server or multiple handicaps to succeed in the regular classroom.

    The Learning Center/After School Intervention

    Students experiencing difficulty learning may receive services through the Learning Center Program or After School Intervention Program. The Learning Center and After School Intervention Programs will provide educational support for students through one-one-one and small group instruction.

    Summer School

    Students experiencing difficulty meeting grade level standards are strongly urged to attend summer school. Summer programs are offered at different locations each year. Information and applications will be available in April.

    English Language Development

    Of the 408 students who attend Lupine Hills Elementary School, approximately 10% are English language learners representing over 8 different languages. English language learners are provided access to the core curriculum through specially trained teachers, and additional equipment and supplies to support English language acquisition. Lupine Hills teachers provide English language learners with a firm foundation for developing fluent abilities in speaking, reading, and writing English.


    All students in grades fourth through fifth participate in weekly vocal music instruction. Band and string instruction is provided to interested students. The school district furnishes some of the instruments.

    Student Council

    Students in grades third through fifth elect student council officers and classroom representatives each year. The student council meets with the principal to plan and implement some student activities.