• Tips for Potty-Training


     First and foremost, remember that even if you have a difficult time, stay calm and be persistent! You (and your child) CAN DO THIS!!

     Here are some of our favorite ideas about potty-training:

    • Keep a favorite toy or book by the toilet to play with or look at ONLY when the child is on the toilet
    • Have your child wear loose, or better yet, no pants while you are actively teaching them how to use the potty
    • Use a doll or stuffed animal to show your child how the potty is used
    • Begin by putting your child on the toilet very briefly, about a minute or two, and no more than five minutes.
      • Praise your child for being such a big boy/girl and how happy you are they are sitting on the toilet.
      • Repeat this throughout the day, about every 15 minutes. Give them extra water or juice while they are being trained to help them go, but it is ok if they sit on the toilet and do not actually use it.  Praise them anyways!
      • If your child is EXTREMELY resistant and tantruming, discontinue and try again in a week or so.
    • Remember, accidents will still happen! Never scold them for having an accident or not using the toilet
    • Be consistent with the terms you use when talking about toileting (ex. Potty, toilet, pee-pee, etc.) to avoid confusion for your child.
      • Some helpful language to avoid a ‘no’ response is not asking them if they have to use the bathroom, but instead saying ‘Let’s go use the potty now!’

    Two VERY helpful parent websites we use are below. We have specific potty-training links listed, but each site has a variety of parent information/help topics!