• Visit Your Local Library
    Libraries are great free resources for activities, story time, and borrowing books.  Reading with your child every day sets them up for success in the future. 
    Benefits of reading include:
    ·        Builds a strong relationship with you
    ·        Improves speech skills, communication skills, and vocabulary
    ·        Lays the foundation for strong academic skills
    ·        Enhances problem-solving skills
    ·        Grows curiosity
    ·        Enhances concentration and discipline
    ·        It’s fun!
    We encourage you to visit your local library and get a library card. Getting a library card is quick, free and easy. All you need is identification such as a California driver’s license. Then, make sure to take frequent trips to the library to check out new books. As parents, you play the most important role in your child’s development and learning!
    Check out your local libray's website to find out more about getting a library card and free fun activities such as story time, legos at the library, and bubble play!