• Teachers commit to over 25 hours of collaboration during the school year in additional to at least 12 hours of personal professional development.
    Staff collaboration time allows teachers to deepen their practices in core subject areas, plan rigorous lessons, and analyze student achievement and behavioral data to design effective supports and interventions.
    In addition to classroom instruction, teachers serve on the following adjunct committees:
    • Instructional Leadership Team
    • Safety Committee
    • Multicultural Committee
    • Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) committee.
    Select staff serve on other formal leadership roles, including:
    • Technology Lead - Ms. Ishida
    • Visual and Performing Arts Lead - Ms. Faber
    • Teachers' College Reading/Writing Workshop Lead - Sr. Maldonado
    • Elementary Math Lead - Ms. Hoopaugh
    • Middle School Math Lead - Ms. Kauble
    • Student Leadership Advisors- Ms. Bascom, Coach Perelli
    • ELD Lead - Ms. Tejeda-Cochran
    • SecondStep Lead - Ms. Johnson
    • Intervention Lead - Ms. Gomez