School Hours

Class Schedules

  • Morning Arrival

    Playground expectations

    • The playground is not supervised before 8:15 a.m.
    • “Walking and talking” only is the rule before school. Students should not be on the yard before 8:15 am.
    • No playground games are permitted.

    Classroom Interruptions

    • To create and maintain the best learning environment, interruptions during instructional times should be avoided.
    • Please make all necessary arrangements with your child concerning homework assignments, permission slips, books, and after-school arrangements before school begins.
    • Students must be in the classroom during instruction time.

    Afternoon Dismissal


    Kindergartners must be picked up at the front of the school. Teachers will escort the kindergarteners to the front of the school at dismissal time. BE ON TIME. If you (or a caretaker) know that you will be delayed, please phone the office to reassure both child and staff. No students are to remain on the school playground.

    Grades 1—6

    Students are not allowed on the schoolyard after school is dismissed. Students must go directly home. There is no supervision on the playground after school.

    After-school Waiting

    Primary grade students waiting for older siblings may remain on the patio outside the MPR or on the benches around the playground. The playground must be available for 4th – 6th grade P.E. after 1st – 3rd grade dismissal. There is no supervision on the yard after dismissal. The campus is open for public use only after 3:30 p.m. Please instruct your children to go immediately to the office and ask for help if they miss their ride.

    After-school Care

    Neighborhood School provides on-site daycare for grades K-6. This is one option available to Kensington Hilltop families.

    KASEP provides after school programs at the Kensington Recreation Center and the Kensington Community Center. Students in grades 1-6 enrolled in KASEP can walk directly to these centers.